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Educational Magnet Applications


Make a levitating Lego Santa sleigh

Combining Lego and magnets opens up a whole world of fun and creativity; here, we will show you how to make a Christmas decoration with a difference. As well as … Continue reading

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The World’s first unpowered horizontal magnetic levitation device

To anyone interested in magnets and magnetism levitation and devices that facilitate this are fascinating, none more-so than the Halitron™. The Halitron is the world’s first unpowered horizontal magnetic levitation … Continue reading

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School Magnets Viking Re-Enactment

Planning a large scale battle is no mean feat! You will need several objects to represent your ships and troops and you will also need to easily reposition them to … Continue reading

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School Magnets

Magnets are a fundamental part of schools across the UK. You can find magnets everywhere; on magnetic whiteboards, staff room fridge, in the science laboratory, lunch boxes and classroom teaching … Continue reading

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Magnetic Teaching Aids

Using magnets in education as teaching aids is becoming increasingly popular. Marian from Ashford teaches children music theory using the popular Suzuki method. To teach the Suzuki method Marian uses … Continue reading

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Magnetic Science Putty

We all know that Science Putty fascinates children and adults alike with its ability to be manipulated in many different ways; stretched, bounced, ripped etc. It was only a matter … Continue reading

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Magnetic Rocks

When was the last time you walked into your garden with a high performance magnet and tried using it to pick up a rock from your favourite flower bed? …. … Continue reading

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Modern Maglev Toys

MagLev is a term used to describe a newly developed form of transportation. They are very similar to trains. MagLev transportation uses magnets to guide, direct and help accelerate train-like … Continue reading

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