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Lockdown sees spike in Model Railway sales

Model railway maker Hornby has reported a huge jump in annual sales, which is great to see as thousands of people rediscover their love for their old hobbies in lockdown. The model making firm which sells both Hornby and Scalextric saw their sales increase by 28% compared to the previous year. Both children and adults have had to spend an increased amount of time inside over the last 15 months and this has allowed people to discover a new hobby or make time in their life for an old hobby.... Read More


Ellis Mather Presents Newark Festival Is Back For Summer 2021!

We are delighted to confirm that Ellis Mather presents Newark Festival will go ahead this summer and will take place on Saturday 21 August 2021, with favourites McFly joined by special guests Gabrielle, Vernon Kay and Lemar! Following a difficult 2020 which meant restrictions prevented events from going ahead, organisers have been working to ensure Ellis Mather Presents Newark Festival will go ahead in 2021. The community has always been at the heart of the festival, uniting friends and family, and ensuring this is done in a fun and safe... Read More


FIRST4MAGNETS Introduces Apple Pay for online customers

FIRST4MAGNETS have now introduced Apple Pay for our UK & European customers, giving more options for checkout, allowing customers to easily checkout on the go, and making our shopping experience even more seamless. Apple Pay is an easy and safe way to pay online for anyone using an Apple device and is just as simple as using your physical card. The payment option allows you to make secure contactless payments in shop, on apps and online. Millions of retailers accept Apple Pay online and FIRST4MAGNETS are now happy to be... Read More


A new way to recover rare earth magnets from electric motors?

Rare-earth magnets are commonly used in electric cars motors, but nearly none of these motors are recycled – this is similar for the motors in computer hard drives, domestic appliances, and cordless tools, which all also contain rare-earth magnets. Despite their name, not all rare-earth magnets are rare, for example Neodymium is extremely popular and used commonly, but recycling these from motors can prove difficult. “The typical process of shredding and separating applied to electronic waste makes the recovery of rare earths difficult”, says Allan Walton, the leader of the... Read More


Magnet fishing approved on Scotland’s canals

A new announcement this weekend has seen magnet fishing become officially permitted in Scottish canals. Magnet Fishing sees people go searching for any metal items submerged in bodies of water and has continued to grow in popularity throughout Scotland. The Official Magnet Fishing Scotland body has now been granted permission for its members to ‘fish’ in Edinburgh – the permission was granted by Historic Environment Scotland, and further applications are being submitted for inverness and Glasgow. Canals are designated as scheduled monuments in Scotland, so to recognise their historical importance,... Read More


The results are in… Magnet Expert Ltd. win THREE awards at the Newark Business Awards!

The results are in… Magnet Expert Ltd. win THREE awards at the Newark Business Awards! Friday 11th December saw the commencement of the Newark Business Awards in which Magnet Expert was nominated for three awards: Large Business of the Year, Employer of the Year and an individual award for our Managing Director, Matthew, as Businessperson of the Year. The award for Large Business of the Year looks at those that demonstrate business excellence and leadership, commitment to the local community, and proven success with strategy to pave the way for further business... Read More



We are delighted to receive the news that we have been nominated for 3 separate awards at this years Newark Business Awards! Magnet Expert Ltd, the parent company of FIRST4MAGNETS®, has been nominated for Large Business of the Year, Employer of the Year and our Managing Director, Matthew Ellis-Mather has been nominated for Businessperson of the Year! This is some great positive news to come from what has been unprecedented year! The Newark Business Awards are designed to recognise the achievements of local businesses and allow for the opportunity to showcase their... Read More