August 2013


Through the eyes of a penguin egg, how magnets helped documentary producers get closer to a colony of emperor penguins than ever before

It’s the middle of the Antarctic winter and a colony of emperor penguins are making their 60+mile trek across the frozen landscape in -60oC conditions to their rookery. Amongst the 1,000 strong horde there are a few extraordinary newcomers unlike the other penguins. These penguins look just like the others but aren’t emperor penguins at all, they are animatronic robot penguins with on-board state of the art HD cameras, deployed by a skilful production team on a project to silently infiltrate the colony and capture up-close and personal, never before... Read More


Magnet wholesaler now offering same-day delivery, a leading UK supplier of magnets and magnetic assemblies renowned for its outstanding customer service, has teamed up with Royal Mail to offer same-day delivery on urgent orders placed before 3pm, Monday to Friday. Whether you are a business or private customer, you can take advantage of same-day delivery when purchasing any of the 400 products from With 10,000,000 magnets in stock and Sameday™ delivery, even the most urgent demands can be met. Matthew Ellis, Director of Sales at said: “I am delighted to announce that Read More