New Products


Magnet Expert Launch Magnetic Chucks

With over 20,000,000 magnets already in stock, our offering just got even bigger with the arrival of our magnetic chucks. The team at Magnet Expert recently welcomed the launch of their fine pole pitch magnetic chucks, with rectangular and circular options available. Each shape comes with a range of sizes that provides customers with a diverse range to choose from when shopping towards their specifications. Simon Elliott, the Head of Sales at Magnet Expert, spoke on the launch: “We are excited by the arrival of our magnetic chucks; it represents... Read More


Magnet Expert Ltd Expands Wall Covering and Electomagnet Ranges!

The Magnet Expert Team are excited to announce the expansion of two key areas of the business, Wall Coverings and Electromagnets. With over 20,000,000 magnets already in stock and an ever-growing operation, product development is an important focus for the business because it allows us to continue to reach the levels of growth we have previously experienced. Through developing our Wall Coverings range, we now stock over 1000 products across 7 subdivisions, including: MagFlex®, FerroFlex®, NeoFlex®, PrintFlex®, SteelFlex®, FerroPaint® and Accessories. Each form of wall covering offers unique capabilities that... Read More


Magnetic Notes, Pads and Printable Sheets Arrive at Magnet Expert Ltd

Magnet Expert Ltd are thrilled to announce the arrival of Magnetic Notes, Pads and Printable Sheets! Magnetic™ is changing the way you make notes. So, what are they? All magnetic™ products are based on stable static charge which allows them to stick to almost any surface. The static charged system eliminates the mess of the glue used to attach ordinary Post-It Notes to surfaces.


Magnetic Fishing Kits Arrive at Magnet Expert Ltd

Magnet Expert Ltd are delighted to announce the arrival of 8 magnetic fishing kits! As experts in magnetics, we have developed a wide range of magnetic fishing kits that are ideal for beginners, intermediates and seasoned fishers, with pull strengths ranging from 24-155kg. Our offering comes as the magnet fishing craze hooks the UK, with fishermen/women and metal detecting enthusiasts, trying their hand at a new hobby. The demand is high and our kits are proving popular! But for those who don’t know, what is magnet fishing and how do you... Read More


Create magnetic walls, anywhere

Magnets are no longer confined to the fridge or noticeboard with the new range of magnetic wall coverings supplied by first4magnets, including magnetic plaster and magnetic paint. Now, you can make any wall in your home or office magnetic with a few easy-to-install materials. Magnetic Plaster by British Gypsum Magnetic plaster is the latest innovation in interior and workspace design, providing ultimate flexibility and using the power of magnets to create interactive spaces at home or in the office. It’s perfect for creating a picture gallery without hooks or nails... Read More


First4magnets help enthusiasts restore their model locomotives

Building model railways is a pastime enjoyed by thousands of people around the world; enthusiasts are stirred by a childhood fascination in mechanical marvels and fanatics include many you wouldn’t expect. Famously, Rod Stewart, Roger Daltrey and the late, great Frank Sinatra all own and have talked about their love for model railways. Magnets have had a long association with model-making and model railways and as magnets have got stronger and smaller, their uses have grown! Typically, they are used for coupling and decoupling, holding scenery in place and most... Read More


Product review – Magnetic Sweeper

If you work in or run a workshop or factory, you will appreciate the inconvenience that metal debris can cause either on the shop floor or in forecourts and yards. Metal debris is a hazard for employees and for vehicles; punctured tyres can cost a business hundreds of pounds a year and employee safety should always be the number one priority. Elsewhere, closing motorways and ‘A’ roads following road collisions costs the UK economy millions of pounds every year. One of the hazards following a collision is ferrous debris on... Read More


Product review – Educational and highly addictive tangram puzzle

At we love to educate young people about the fascinating world of magnets, probably because we are big kids ourselves! Magnets are great for making learning fun and I’m sure we all remember fondly the days in the school science lab conducting experiments with bar magnets, horseshoe magnets and iron filings! With new products becoming available all the time learning with magnets need not be confined to the school science lab – our magnetic tangram puzzle is great fun and just by playing with it children can learn about... Read More


Product review – Diving magnet with aluminium handle and eyebolt attachments

Specially designed diving magnets are used by many scuba and commercial divers as temporary anchor points on ferrous objects when exploring or working underwater. These temporary anchor points are vital for divers wanting to maintain complete control of their position in the water in strong currents and keep both hands free for the task before them. Following requests from divers all over Europe the technical experts at first4magnets sought advice from a selection of divers and set about designing a diving magnet that would be an ideal solution for both... Read More


From space shuttles to your desk, introducing the latest must-have gadget – the FerroPod

Have you ever wondered how magnetism works? Well, with the latest innovation from you can skip the physics lesson and see for yourself. Watch the amazing FerroPod video now – FerroPod is the latest scientific gadget that would grace any office or classroom. This unique invention harnesses the magic of a unique ferrofluid, suspended within a clear liquid. When one or both of the strong magnets included with the FerroPod are placed next to the bottle the ferrofluid reacts in astonishing ways, turning from a runny liquid into... Read More