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New Products

Create magnetic walls, anywhere

Magnets are no longer confined to the fridge or noticeboard with the new range of magnetic wall coverings supplied by …

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First4magnets help enthusiasts restore their model locomotives

Building model railways is a pastime enjoyed by thousands of people around the world; enthusiasts are stirred by a childhood …

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Magnetic Sweeper

Product review – Magnetic Sweeper

If you work in or run a workshop or factory, you will appreciate the inconvenience that metal debris can cause …

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Green tangram educational puzzle

Product review – Educational and highly addictive tangram puzzle

At first4magnets.com we love to educate young people about the fascinating world of magnets, probably because we are big kids …

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A scuba diver exploring a shipwreck

Product review – Diving magnet with aluminium handle and eyebolt attachments

Specially designed diving magnets are used by many scuba and commercial divers as temporary anchor points on ferrous objects when …

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Use two magnets to create amazing effects.

From space shuttles to your desk, introducing the latest must-have gadget – the FerroPod

Have you ever wondered how magnetism works? Well, with the latest innovation from first4magnets.com you can skip the physics lesson …

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