Magnet Expert Ltd Expands Wall Covering and Electomagnet Ranges!

The Magnet Expert Team are excited to announce the expansion of two key areas of the business, Wall Coverings and Electromagnets.

With over 20,000,000 magnets already in stock and an ever-growing operation, product development is an important focus for the business because it allows us to continue to reach the levels of growth we have previously experienced.

Through developing our Wall Coverings range, we now stock over 1000 products across 7 subdivisions, including: MagFlex®, FerroFlex®, NeoFlex®, PrintFlex®, SteelFlex®, FerroPaint® and Accessories. Each form of wall covering offers unique capabilities that can be identified per customer’s requirements; for instance, NeoFlex® combines super-strong Neodymium with flexible sheets resulting in a sheet that is 10x stronger than any other commercially available, whereas MagFlex® is available in an assortment of colours, shapes and finishes, with several adhesive options including cling-on and 3M self-adhesive. Our wall covering range is ideal for retail POS, office interior and creating engaging spaces in schools and around the home.

In addition to wall coverings, we have welcomed 15 new Electromagnets to our ever-expanding range. Pull strengths now range from 1.8kg to an astonishing 907kg, with various shapes and sizes available. Electromagnets are often used in robotics, canning and lifting ferrous loads, where the magnet is only engaged when an energy source is applied.

Simon Elliott, the Head of Sales at Magnet Expert Ltd, spoke on the addition to our ranges:

“We are delighted to expand our ranges in two key areas of the business, both of which are encouraged through customer requirements. We have invested to ensure all our customer’s magnetic needs can be met and dispatched same working day from our stock, to which we hold in excess of 20,000,000 units at any time.”

“The wall coverings range allows us to offer a diverse range of finishes, both magnetic, ferrous and including new technology in order to create a bespoke, interactive work space in both a residential and industrial environment. Electromagnets marks an exciting prospect to expand into robotics and canning, both areas of which excite the team to be further involved in such revolutionary sectors.”

Magnet Expert continues to develop our product offering with more product launches scheduled soon.

If you have any questions regarding our Wall Covering or Electromagnet ranges, please email or call 0845 519 4701 to speak with a member of the team.

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