Magnet Expert Ltd appear on BBC Radio Nottingham to talk all things magnets!

Our Managing Director, Matthew Ellis-Mather appeared on BBC Radio Nottingham’s Alan Clifford Show yesterday to talk about his recent win at the FSB Awards, Magnet Expert Ltd and all things magnets!

On the back of Matthew’s win for the Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award at the FSB East Midlands Finals, BBC Radio Nottingham approached with great interest, and wanted to talk all about the business and our passion for magnets on the Alan Clifford Show, which airs from 12pm-4pm every weekday.

BBC Radio Nottingham have an average audience of 151,000 weekly listeners from all across Nottinghamshire, and Alan Clifford has been involved with the BBC for over 35 years.


Matthew and Alan began the talk discussing Matthew’s recent win at the FSB Awards (which you can read all about here), and how Matthew found himself working in the world of magnetics. The chat shared great insight into how Matthew worked his way to the top to become Managing Director of one the leading magnetics suppliers in the UK and Europe. Alan expressed great interest in finding out everything magnet related, from the smallest magnets we sell (0.5mm in diameter!) to using FerroFluid for sealant in NASA aircrafts! The thoroughly engaging chat came to a close, with Alan asking about Ellis Mather Group and the recent announcement that the parent group of Magnet Expert Ltd and FIRST4MAGNETS® has become the Naming Rights Partner for Ellis Mather presents Newark Festival.


Matthew spoke about his delight at appearing on the show, and wanted to thank the BBC and Alan for the opportunity:

“It was a pleasure to chat with Alan about Magnet Expert Ltd and share some insight into us as a business, as well as chatting about the interesting topic that is magnets. I hope the listeners found the chat engaging and intriguing, and hope it has encouraged listeners to explore a little into the wonderful world of magnets. I want to thank Alan and everyone at BBC Radio Nottingham for having us and making the day such an enjoyable one.”


If you would like to listen to Alan and Matthew’s chat to find out more about the team behind the business, as well as learn some interesting facts about magnets, head over to the BBC Sounds app here. The chat begins around the 3 hour 10 minute mark. We are sure you will find it as interesting as the team here did!


From Matthew and the team here at Magnet Expert Ltd, thank you to Alan and the BBC Radio Nottingham team for having us!



More exciting things to come!

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