Magnetic Fishing Kits Arrive at Magnet Expert Ltd

Magnet Expert Ltd are delighted to announce the arrival of 8 magnetic fishing kits!

As experts in magnetics, we have developed a wide range of magnetic fishing kits that are ideal for beginners, intermediates and seasoned fishers, with pull strengths ranging from 24-155kg. Our offering comes as the magnet fishing craze hooks the UK, with fishermen/women and metal detecting enthusiasts, trying their hand at a new hobby. The demand is high and our kits are proving popular!

But for those who don’t know, what is magnet fishing and how do you get involved?

Magnetic fishing is similar to normal fishing, where you have a line and you cast out into a body of water hoping to retrieve something. The difference is, you swap the hook and bait, with a magnet and the prizes you are catch aren’t fish, they’re ferrous objects, that sit below the water’s surface. When the magnet is submerged it will attract to ferrous materials like coins, scrap metal and other hidden treasures and when you retract the rope, the magnet will reveal your findings. But before you start magnet fishing there are several things to consider. For instance, what is the ideal body of water, what magnet should you be using and which knot should you use? We’ve taken your questions and answered them in our Ultimate Guide to Magnetic Fishing.

Ultimate Guide to Magnetic Fishing

Below are our 8 magnetic fishing products all available at We’ve listed them from strongest to weakest but the question is, which will you go for?

Stainless Steel Neodymium Recovery Magnet with M14 Eyebolt and 10 Metre Rope – 155kg Pull

This extra-large Neodymium pot magnet is encased in a stainless steel shell. The shell is completely sealed for maximum resistance to corrosion which makes these magnets ideal for recovering items from water.


125mm dia x 100mm tall Ferrite Recovery Magnet with M14 Eyebolt and 10 Metre Rope – 130kg Pull

This extra-large Ferrite pot magnet is sunken in to a chrome-plated steel shell. The north pole is on the center of the magnetic face and the south pole is on the outer edge.

48mm dia Neodymium Clamping Magnet with M8 Eyebolt and 10 Metre Rope – 95kg Pull

This large clamping magnet with an M8 eyebolt, which provides an astonishing 95kg clamping force in a vertical position. That’s a whole lot of Power!


48mm dia Neodymium Clamping Magnet with M8 Eyebolt and 10 Metre Rope – 90kg Pull

A small, but feisty Neodymium magnet! For a 48mm diameter, this magnet has a great pull strength.


Stainless Steel Neodymium Recovery Magnet with M10 Eyebolt and 10 Metre Rope – 80kg Pull

Each one of these magnets generates an incredibly large field depth, meaning it can lift up to 80kg in weight when in direct contact with a mild steel surface.


80mm dia x 70mm tall Ferrite Recovery Magnet with M10 Eyebolt and 10 Metre Rope – 60kg Pull

This is the weakest Ferrite magnet in the range, but due to it’s large 80mm face, it’s perfect for catching ferrous materials under the water.


Stainless Steel Neodymium Recovery Magnet with M5 Eyebolt and 10 Metre Rope – 24kg Pull

The perfect magnetic fishing kit for beginners. It has a 24kg pull that allows you to enjoy magnet fishing, without the extreme hazards that stronger magnets pose. However, this is still very powerful and like all magnets, should be handled with care. stainless-steel-neodymium-recovery-magnet-with-m5-eyebolt-and-10-metre-rope-24kg-pull-p10807-8617_image

10 metres of 4mm dia Polyester Rope – Red (420kg breaking strength)

If you already have a magnet for the job, then you can always buy the rope on its own. With 10 metres to play with and a 420kg breaking strength, our polyester rope is a must have item for any magnet fisher.


So there we have it, our 8 magnetic fishing kits all available to you with next day delivery. You will be fishing before you know it! Prices start from £9.96 and go up in accordance to the pull strength.

Important Safety Warning: When magnet fishing, always ensure it is safe in your selected location. Consider the water’s depth and current and be sure of your surroundings. Do not put yourself in danger and always tell someone where you are going. Ensure you have permission and read all magnet warning sheets.

In the meantime, keep your eyes peeled across our social channels where our team will be venturing out to film magnet fishers in action. If you have any questions regarding magnetic fishing or magnets in general, please don’t hesitate to contact our Customer Care Team on 0845 519 4701 or email

Thanks for reading!

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