Product review – Magnetic Sweeper

If you work in or run a workshop or factory, you will appreciate the inconvenience that metal debris can cause either on the shop floor or in forecourts and yards. Metal debris is a hazard for employees and for vehicles; punctured tyres can cost a business hundreds of pounds a year and employee safety should always be the number one priority. Elsewhere, closing motorways and ‘A’ roads following road collisions costs the UK economy millions of pounds every year. One of the hazards following a collision is ferrous debris on the road, which must be cleared.

Thankfully, there is a product that makes keeping premises and roads clear of debris a piece of cake, the Magnetic Sweeper. This industrial Magnetic Sweeper has a 22inch (558.8mm) magnetic face that will collect all stray ferrous debris like nails, screws, steel shavings and cut-offs.

The Magnetic Sweeper is made from premium components, including:

22 inch ferrite magnetic face

The main component of the magnetic sweeper is the large magnetic face. The magnetic face is made from a large ferrite magnet within a stainless steel casing. The width of the magnetic face means that a large area can be covered quickly and easily.

The stainless steel casing and large ferrite magnet are both highly resistant to corrosion so using them outside in wet conditions is no problem.

Magnetic sweeper picking up nails and screws

Switchable release

The magnetic sweeper is so strong that without the switchable release mechanism it would be very difficult (and dangerous) to remove the debris from the sweeper. The switchable release handle is located on top of the steel casing. This raises the magnet within the steel casing away from surface of the magnetic face meaning any ferrous debris simply drops away.

Solid rubber tyres

An essential component, the tyres on the Magnetic Sweeper are made from chunky, hard-wearing, solid rubber. They make light work of uneven and slippery surfaces.

Adjustable handle

Each Magnetic Sweeper comes with an adjustable handle, adjustable between 370mm and 1120mm.

Magnetic Sweeper

Many delighted customers are benefitting by keeping their premises clear of dangerous metal debris including:

–          Farms

–          Construction firms

–          Haulage firms

–          Medical device manufacturers

–          Carpet and flooring retailers

–          Industrial air filter manufacturers

–          Engineering companies

–          Accountant

–          Plant and machinery manufacturers

–          Upholsterers

–          Swimming pools and gymnasiums

–          Point of Sale terminal manufacturers

–          Airside airport logistics

–          Concrete frame manufacturers

–          Ductwork cleaners

–          Blacksmiths

–          Custom exhibition stand manufacturers

–          Landscapers

–          Fabricators

And many, many more!

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