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Conservatory Blinds – Create Your Own With Magnets

If you have a large conservatory attached to your house you will know just how expensive it can be sourcing and fitting the right blinds. Often during hot summer months there can be no break from the beating sun through the conservatory roof.

Alex from Midlothian contacted our team to tell us how he had managed to control the amount of light coming through his conservatory roof using magnets.

Using small neodymium magnets Alex was suspending elegant material from the roof of the conservatory. This clever but simple method blocked out the sun light and required no permanent or damaging fixtures to be fitted onto the conservatory framework.


To replicate this effect, simply attach a number of small self-adhesive magnets to the ceiling window frame and repeat at several points down the frame. The gap between each magnet will depend entirely on how you want the fabric material to hang across each window panel. To then hang the material in place, use corresponding small neodymium magnets to attract to the self-adhesive magnets, clamping the material in place. Simply repeat this until your material is fully suspended to your satisfaction.

The benefit of using magnets in this way is the flexibility to change the fabric for easy cleaning or of course, if you just want a change! It is also much more cost effective than having a bespoke blind made and fitted.

We would like to thank Alex for telling us about how he used our magnets and for sending us photos of his project.

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