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Exhibition Display Magnets

With years of experience we can say with confidence that using magnets to support pictures, paintings and sculptures is a very common application.

We recently received an email from one of customers in London who contacted us to tell us how they had used not only our magnets but our instant notice board strip in a novel way to display print work in their print based studio. Helen from London wanted to create a mini gallery in their print studio to showcase work in progress for studio users. This then allowed them to photograph the completed work to feature on their online blog.


Helen chose to use our self-adhesive instant noticeboard strip as it allowed her attach the magnetic strip to the wall using only the adhesive backing supplied on the strip. This meant no nails and no glue!


We are very pleased that the magnets worked so well for Helen and helped make a great new addition to the print studio. We would like to thank Helen for sharing her magnet application with us and for sending us some great photos.

If you would like to make your own instant magnet notice board or display gallery why not try our instant notice board packs.

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