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Frog Peg Fridge Magnets

With so many fridge magnets available in hobby, gift, craft and souvenir shops how do you find the magnet that means the most to you and will look perfect on your fridge.  A lot of people choose magnets based on their practicality, will it hold up what I would like it to?  Can I hang my shed keys off it?  Will it hold up the school report? …   So many questions and so many magnets to choose from.

At first4magnets.com we believe that the best fridge magnet is a high performance magnet or one you have made yourself, Why?  Because if you make it yourself you can choose to fit a magnet on the back perfect for your application.  Juliet from Gwynedd contacted us to tell us she had done just that.  Using our F406F 20mm x 3mm ferrite magnet Juliette created her own Peg Frog magnets that were strong enough to hold important leaflets to the fridge along with the very important washing up gloves that are always difficult to find when you need them.




We would like to say a big thank you to Juliette for sharing her magnet application with us.

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