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Magnetic Chair – Shooting

Each week at first4magnets.com we receive a high volume of emails from customers telling us about their magnet applications. We recently received an email from Stuart in Essex telling us about his extremely unique magnet application.

Stuart is a big fan of shooting and wanted to use our magnets to solve a problem he was experiencing when shooting regularly with friends. While waiting to shoot a clay pigeon he usually sits down on a shooting chair with a large spike at the bottom surrounded by an aluminium plate. The spike is set into the ground and the aluminium plate distributes the weight of the shooter while sitting down. After each shot spent cartridges fall to the ground and require picking up.

Stuart told us that in tall grass and bad weather these can often be hard to find. To solve this problem Stuart used a selection of our magnets and threaded them to the bottom of the shooting chair through the aluminium plate. These magnets easily attract 15 – 20 spent cartridges. This now means there are no excuses for leaving spent cartridges on the floor. This incredibly simple and well thought out idea has meant that Stuart and his friends can have no impact on the environment while shooting and reduce the amount of equipment they need to take shooting with them.


First4magnets.com would like to say a big thank you to Stuart for telling us about his magnet application and sending us some great photos.


If you would like to make your very own shooting chair, please browse our range of magnets.

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