August 2013


Using magnets to release a miners’ safety lamp magnetic lock

Mining has always been a dangerous job. It was particularly dangerous in the 1800s when miners had to carry naked flames to light their way, which led to many fatal explosions. Without doubt, one of the single biggest changes to improve safety for miners was the invention of the safety lamp; an invention which no doubt saved hundreds of lives over the years. After miners’ safety lamps were replaced in the 1930s by battery-powered helmet lamps they became obsolete, although some were still used to identify dangerous gasses into the... Read More


Magnets used to show chimpanzee problem solving intelligence

When Dr. Riley, a psychology researcher from the University of London contacted us about her most unique application, we were not only eager to help but also excited, our team love animals! Our team was presented with an interesting application where chimpanzees would use two magnets to pull a block of wood inside a metal tube and thereby pull an out of reach piece of food to an opening in the pipe. – It was to study chimpanzee intelligence and use of different tools. Our customer designed and built an... Read More


Theatre / Stage Magnets – Stage Designers Use Magnets

It goes without saying that stage designers need to use fixing methods that are not only quick to put up and attach, but also very quick to take down for the next stage setup or design.   We are now receiving high volume of calls from stage designers wanting to incorporate magnets into their stage props, back-drops and even costumes to make the transition to the next scene much faster and easier for those involved. When your next at a stage show, have a look across the stage and we... Read More


Garden Shed Magnets

In natural weather and through hot and cold temperatures it is easy for any wooden shed to become warped and out of shape in places. This can often happen around the door area as the wood begins to bow.       Steve from East Yorkshire contacted us to tell us how he managed to solve a problem with his shed door bowing at the bottom and preventing it from closing. Steve ordered a selection of magnets from us that he hoped would solve the problem of his shed door not... Read More


Magnetic Pain Relief

We receive many calls from customers who are looking to use magnets for pain relief and healing therapy.      Although we are unable to verify the healing ability of magnets (it is somewhat of a grey area), we can confirm that magnets do relieve pain for hundreds of our customers. We don’t even need to talk about the technicality of the magnets interfering with the electrical pain signals to the brain since, the simplest reason we know our magnets work is… our customers tell us! The most popular and effective... Read More


Is it ‘time’ to use some magnets?

When you delve into the world of magnets, it is truly fascinating what you can achieve. Mr Andrews had a vision of a completely unique clock. He wanted to create a clock that was reminiscent of 17th century clockwork with an unusual twist… a floating turtle, who tells the time. We receive calls regularly from people who are inspired to create new and wonderful pieces including clocks and sculptures. Our technicians recommended our part F640 (5mm dia x 3mm thick N42 Neodymium Disc Magnets) which are small, discreet but powerful... Read More


School Magnets Viking Re-Enactment

Planning a large scale battle is no mean feat! You will need several objects to represent your ships and troops and you will also need to easily reposition them to show how the battle will play out. Who would have thought that magnets would play such a huge role in preparing for a large scale ancient invasion? Our customer Hannah from London strongly believed that magnets were the only way to achieve such a complex battle re-enactment. Hannah, working with her school class purchased a selection of our adhesive magnets... Read More


School Magnets

Magnets are a fundamental part of schools across the UK. You can find magnets everywhere; on magnetic whiteboards, staff room fridge, in the science laboratory, lunch boxes and classroom teaching aids. Magnets feature heavily in most school syllabuses. At school we are all taught the fundamental principles of magnets and magnetics. We learn that the earth is a giant magnet and that magnets produce strong forces. With the development of new technologies we discover new magnets, smaller and powerful. These magnets are now built into many small commercial products and... Read More


Magnetic Teaching Aids

Using magnets in education as teaching aids is becoming increasingly popular. Marian from Ashford teaches children music theory using the popular Suzuki method. To teach the Suzuki method Marian uses magnets to create magnetic flashcards for individual and class lessons. These flash cards help teach young children music theory. These cards are made by printing on paper or card and placing small adhesive magnetic dots on the back. This is very easy and quick technique of making magnetic cards. It is so simple and safe that you could even get... Read More


Magnetic Science Putty

We all know that Science Putty fascinates children and adults alike with its ability to be manipulated in many different ways; stretched, bounced, ripped etc. It was only a matter of time before people started to look to enhance Science Putty further and make it magnetic! Hannah contacted us to tell us how she had purchased both a magnet and iron powder filings from us to convert science putty into magnetic putty. Hannah kneaded the iron filings into the putty until they had both completely mixed together. Hannah then took... Read More