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Garden Shed Magnets

In natural weather and through hot and cold temperatures it is easy for any wooden shed to become warped and out of shape in places. This can often happen around the door area as the wood begins to bow.
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Steve from East Yorkshire contacted us to tell us how he managed to solve a problem with his shed door bowing at the bottom and preventing it from closing. Steve ordered a selection of magnets from us that he hoped would solve the problem of his shed door not closing properly.

Steve initially placed a selection of countersunk magnets at the bottom of the door and inside the door frame of the shed. When the shed door was closed this pulled the bottom of the door into position and created a secure water tight closing. Impressed with his solution Steve continued to modify his shed with a number of additional magnet modifications.

Steve then placed a selection of magnets on the fence panel behind the shed door to attract the metal padlock when the door was open. This created an effective way of keeping the door in position and preventing it from closing while the shed was in use. Next, Steve continued to place magnets on the outside of the shed itself to attract the padlock lock brackets to prevent them from blowing in the wind while someone was in the shed.

Steve used a great selection of magnets on his shed that made everyday use of the shed much simpler.

We hope that Steve’s application will provide helpful information for other shed owners and we would like to thank him for sending in some great photos and for sharing his magnet application with us.

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