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Magnetic Retrieval

It is widely known that magnets can be used for retrieval of ferrous objects, and they have been for many years. You will find amateur treasure finders have used magnets to find precious metals, keys or jewellery. We also have manufacturing companies using large magnets to pick up nails or metal filings from car parks, workshops etc Magnetic Retrieval is now a big part of the industry and many people seek to make their own retrieval devices.

Our customer, Tony, originally came through to us with an idea to build his own magnetic retrieval device. Tony wanted to be able to recover (or, fish for) metal junk out of a extinguished fire pit. Tony was initially unsure of which magnet to choose from our extensive range. After speaking with Tony at some length we settled on our magnet F999N-N52 as being the best magnet for the job.

We often to refer to this magnet as “…ultra high performance”, because of its extreme pulling force of 26 kilograms and its relatively small size, it is also an N52 grade of Neodymium, one of the highest grades commercially available.


Tony was extremely pleased with his magnet recommendation and we would like to thank him for taking the time to let us know his magnet application worked and for sending in some great photos.

We are pleased that Tony was happy with our recommendation and the magnet is still working very well.

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