November 2013


Make your own magnetic Advent calendar

The 1st of December and the start of Advent (and of the course the countdown to Christmas) is just around the corner. Advent is a time of expectance, excitement and preparation ahead of the celebrations of the Nativity of Jesus in the Christian calendar. It is also a time when excited children open a door on their Advent calendars every day, usually to retrieve small chocolates, gifts or uncover traditional Nativity images. After Christmas, millions of exhausted Advent calendars are simply discarded. This year, why not invest the time in... Read More


Using magnets for stop motion animation

Stop motion is a technique using plasticine or clay models and sets which are shot one frame at a time. Between each frame the models and set are moved very slightly to give the impression of movement before the process is repeated and the next frame is shot. Stop motion animation has a long and varied history in film used, for the first time before 1900 and throughout the boom of silent movies. More recently, much loved characters Wallace and Gromit and their exploits were created using the technique of... Read More


Fixing Victorian window shutters with magnets

Window shutters are a stunning and popular design feature preferred by many homeowners seeking to replicate the authenticity of Victorian housing. Although solid wood window shutters were a standard feature in many Victorian houses, designed to help keep the cold out and warm air in there are often installed in modern homes to block out light and noise and make a room feel warm and cosy. This is what Rob from London was seeking to achieve when he built and installed bespoke solid wood window shutters in his home when... Read More