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Fixing Victorian window shutters with magnets

Window shutters are a stunning and popular design feature preferred by many homeowners seeking to replicate the authenticity of Victorian housing. Although solid wood window shutters were a standard feature in many Victorian houses, designed to help keep the cold out and warm air in there are often installed in modern homes to block out light and noise and make a room feel warm and cosy.

This is what Rob from London was seeking to achieve when he built and installed bespoke solid wood window shutters in his home when he stumbled across a familiar problem. Like many old properties, the windows in Rob’s house were not perfectly straight which meant that his newly installed window shutters would not stay together when open, subsequently blocking the view to his lovely garden.

All of Rob’s hard work, creating his bespoke shutters was not wasted as first4magnets were able to offer him the perfect solution. Rob explained his problem to the experts at first4magnets.com who recommended using thin rectangular N35 neodymium magnets. Rob went for the 50mm x 10mm x 1.5mm rectangular N35 neodymium magnets and was able to chisel a shallow groove in his shutters so that he could slot the magnets in place. Rob then used strong adhesive to fix the magnets in place and then covered them with a thin layer of wood filler. Rob then placed a metal strip on the opposite section of the shutter to where he secreted the magnets which the hidden magnets attracted, holding the concertina panels together when the shutters were open.

Here’s how you can replicate what Rob did:

Step 1

First, chisel out a groove in the left-hand panel of the concertina shutters.

Victorian window shutter with chiselled groove


Step 2

Push the magnets in to the grooves and secure in place using adhesive.

Victorian window shutter with neodymium magnet


Step 3

Fill in the groove with wood filler.

Victorian window shutter with concealed neodymium magnet


Step 4

Fix a steel plate to the right-hand panel of the concertina shutters so that it lines up perfectly with the concealed magnet

Victorian window shutter with magnetic catch


Step 5

Enjoy your new shutters!

Victorian window shutter

After finishing his project, Rob emailed us and said: “The magnets are the perfect solution. Nice and thin and powerful enough to do the job well!”

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