December 2013


Create a compact magnetic knife rack for a caravan or campervan

Magnetic knife racks are just as useful in a caravan or campervan as they are in your kitchen. When space is at a premium, magnets can be used to create bespoke solutions to fit any area. When Sue from Bedfordshire approached us with her dilemma we were only too happy help. Sue, an avid cararvan’er and camper, was unable to use a regular magnetic knife rack in the miniature kitchen in her caravan as there was simply not enough spare wall space to attach one. Sue was also cautious of... Read More


Using magnets to attach your race number

If you are an avid athlete or charity runner who has previously entered a race, you will have had the experience of struggling with safety pins to attach your allocated number to your vest, shirt or jersey. Not to mention the annoyance of completing a race to find out that your number has disappeared along the way, or worse still, the pins you used have created a hole or tear in your favourite, lucky competition attire However, there is an alternative – using magnets to attach your race number. Strong... Read More