January 2014


Hanging picture frames on metal walls and partitions

If you work in an office with metal walls or partitions it can be incredibly difficult to hang pictures without drilling unsightly holes which are also difficult to fill in and disguise at a later date. Or maybe you’ve created your own office, studio or workshop with metal walls? Either way, the most sensible and cost effective way to hang your pictures and photographs is to use magnets. Valerie from Barnet did just that and sent us these wonderful pictures of her favourite TV show memorabilia fixed to her metal... Read More


Create your own hands-free kit with magnets

Rightly so, it is illegal to use your phone, music or recording device while driving which is why thousands of motorists take the safe sensible option and use a hands free kit in their vehicle. Chris from Sutton Coldfield is one of those motorists who decided to create his own hands free kit for his Sony voice recorder using self-adhesive rectangular magnets. Chris, like many of us, is continually on the go dashing from one place to another and he uses his dashboard mounted voice recorder for recording notes that... Read More


Magnetic make-up organiser

If you own a lot of make-up and keep it in a regular make-up bag or drawer you will understand just how frustrating it is when you can’t find the make-up you need, especially when all the containers and boxes look the same. The best way of solving this problem is to create your own magnetic make-up board for keeping all your favourite bits organised. There are loads of simple ways you can do this depending on the look you are trying to achieve. This really easy method was sent... Read More