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Magnets make bespoke cards possible

When the technicians at first4magnets were contacted by designer card makers Hupa Lupa, imaginations ran wild. We are delighted to say that Hupa Lupa chose to use some of our magnets to create their range of unique cards and gifts.

In one particular range of designs, Hupa Lupa used a 10mm diameter self-adhesive neodymium magnet to hold a decorative icon or brooch to the front of the card by attracting to a small neodymium magnet countersunk and embedded in the brooch.

Card makers regularly use magnets to create their designs as neodymium magnets can be produced as little as 1mm diameter by 1mm thick and these are ideal for creating magnetic closures.

We think the cards created by Hupa Lupa are stunning and we are proud that they have used our magnets. We are particularly impressed with their use of a pocket compass in their latest design…

Bespoke greeting card with an attached compass that reads 'lost without you'


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