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Magnetic camera mount

Many people use cameras as part of their job or to take photos of their favourite pastime and this can require a mount for the camera.

There are many professional camera mounts on the market – Will from Lincolnshire had purchased one of these mounts with a built in suction pad. However, this proved to be not strong enough to fix the camera in place on dirty or uneven surfaces and seeing as Will was using his camera to film agricultural machinery, this was obviously posing a real problem.

Faced with this dilemma, Will turned to the power of magnets to upgrade his mount to a magnetic camera mount and kindly sent us these excellent photos.

As you can see Will fixed the magnet to the mount using a 3M self-adhesive pad and industrial tape. The magnet used is a 40mm diameter x 5mm thick N42 neodymium magnet with a 14kg pull. Will was really pleased with the outcome, he said: “The magnet forms a really strong bond, especially when there is vibration present, and best of all it works on dirty surfaces!”

GoPro camera and mount with neodymium magnet for attaching to metal surfaces


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