July 2014


Using magnets to install a backlit display system

A backlit display system uses lights to illuminate a subject from behind, and as the item being lit covers the lights, they are hidden from view. At an exhibition or gallery, backlit display systems are excellent for creating the desired mood and heightening the focus in a particular place, or on a particular piece of work. The below photos were sent to us by a group of young architects from the University of Central London’s Bartlett School of Architecture who installed this cutting-edge display system to showcase their work to... Read More


Magnets make clothing alterations possible

Just like people, clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, but for people with a disability or restricted movement due to old age, sometimes regular clothing just isn’t suitable. In situtations like this, adaptive clothing is required. Thankfully, there is Dressability. A UK charity based in Swindon who, thanks to their team of supremely talented seamstresses, are able to adapt regular clothing for people of all ages or with physical and learning disabilities at a fraction of the cost of regular alterations and improving upon much of the adaptive clothing... Read More