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Using magnets to install a backlit display system

A backlit display system uses lights to illuminate a subject from behind, and as the item being lit covers the lights, they are hidden from view. At an exhibition or gallery, backlit display systems are excellent for creating the desired mood and heightening the focus in a particular place, or on a particular piece of work.

The below photos were sent to us by a group of young architects from the University of Central London’s Bartlett School of Architecture who installed this cutting-edge display system to showcase their work to thousands of visitors at The Bartlett School of Architecture’s annual summer show at The Slade Gallery, London.

Our magnets are cleverly used to hold the steel borders which hold each drawing in place, really adding to the effect of the whole system.

We’re proud to support the students in their show and think they’ve done a fantastic job. Here’s how they installed their system using magnets from first4magnets.

1) Firstly, the timber and MDF frame was installed and the lighting system wired in…

modular backlit display system under construction


2) Mild steel borders were attached to sheet steel sandwiched between the MDF frame using 10mm diameter x 5mm thick N35 neodymium magnets

Steel strip with magnets on the back

3) Next, the drawings were placed over the steel strips and clamped in place with the same magnets…

magnets holding drawing in place


4) Before another steel strip was placed over the top to hide the magnets…

Placing a steel strip in place



5) And creating a seamless effect!

Drawings in backlit display system


Unittwentyfour exhibition

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