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Magnetic medal display board

100 running medals attached to a ferrous board with magnets
These medal photos were sent into first4magnets by avid marathon runner, Martyn from Devon. Martyn has amassed almost 100 running medals in just four years (just the shear thought tires us out) and was struggling for a method of displaying his well-earned awards.

We heard of Martyn’s dilemma on Twitter and were only to keen to assist. A couple of tweets and emails later and a large self-adhesive ferrous sheet and a pack of self-adhesive magnets were on their way to Martyn.

The gloss-white ferrous sheet is stuck to an MDF backing board using the self-adhesive backing, creating a perfect surface for magnets to attract to. In this example, 15mm diameter and 25mm diameter magnets with premium self-adhesive are then stuck to the ribbon of the medals.

Close up of medal stuck to ferrous board using self-adhesive magnets

An alternative would be to use magnets without adhesive to clamp the medals to the board. An average medal weighing 300 grams with a 2mm thick ribbon would require a 20mm diameter x 5mm thick neodymium magnet to hold it in place.

We’d like to thank Martyn for sending in these photos and wish him luck in his future races!

If you are an avid runner, have you ever struggled to attach your race number with safety pins? Magnets could offer a simpler solution! Read our article, ‘Using magnets to attach your race number.’


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