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Magnets for holding arrows in an archer’s quiver

Archery is a sport which is ever increasing in popularity and it really is accessible for everyone; irrespective of age, ability and physical fitness anyone can enjoy it. Archery GB has 34,000 members alone and many, many more people are ‘having a go’ at events and activity centres up and down the country, every weekend.

Richard from Merseyside is one of the many people taking up archery and who recently contacted first4magnets with a common problem. Richard said: “I have recently retired and taken up archery to get me out in the fresh air. When I purchased a quiver to hold my arrows, I found that sometimes, I would lean forward to pick something up from the floor and the arrows would fall out of the quiver. There are strict safety rules in place that cover dropped arrows at the shooting line, so at times it was not possible to retrieve my arrows until the shooting detail had finished. I also found that when removing an arrow from the quiver, sometimes a second arrow would be dragged out too.”

As the points of the arrows are made of steel, magnets were the obvious solution. Richard described his quiver as a fabric bag with three 30mm diameter plastic tubes inside it, each with a bung at the bottom with a hole to let out any moisture. We suggested using our 25mm diameter x 5mm thick neodymium magnets with a 6mm countersunk hole through the middle which are perfect to hold the lightweight arrows in place.

Richard explains: “Following the advice, I secured one magnet in each bung and as you can see from the photos, the magnets do a perfect job, I am quite delighted with them and the excellent service.

“The first photo shows how the arrows fell out of the quiver, the second shows the magnets in place. The third shows the quiver at the same angle as the first one, but the arrows are held in place. I’ve explained how I’ve done this to my friends at my archery club and there has been quite a bit of interest!”


Aluminium archers' arrows and quiver lying on grass

magnetic arrow quiver


If, like Richard, you have a similar problem please contact us 01777 874520. With over 500 different sizes of magnets available, we are confident of being able to identify a magnet suitable for any quiver on the market.

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