October 2014


Magnetic stud finder

Most houses will have interior studded walls and ceilings. The term stud is a strange one, it simply refers to the hidden timber beams that plasterboard is nailed or screwed to, to form a wall or ceiling. Between each of the studs in the wall there is a cavity that is often filled with insulation which doesn’t offer any structural support. That’s why, when drilling into a wall to hang a heavy item it is vital to locate the timber studs. Otherwise the weight of the item will simply strip... Read More


Fitting a magnetically attachable bath panel

If you have put lots of time and effort into refitting your bathroom, you will have undoubtedly considered a suitable decorative bath panel to cover the unsightly void beneath your bath. Nobody wishes to see ugly screw heads holding a panel in place, and what’s more, if your tub springs a leak it will take vital time to remove the panel. The smart solution is a magnetic bath panel which is straightforward to remove allowing easy access to your vital plumbing. What’s more magnets are more robust and less fiddly... Read More