January 2015


Fixing solar-powered lights to a motorhome or caravan

If you own a motorhome or a caravan, the very thought of drilling holes in the bodywork to secure exterior fixings would likely bring you out in a nervous sweat. Drilling and bolting is a very permanent solution that can leave unsightly holes in the outside of your precious van or motorhome. Thankfully before taking this expensive plunge with drill in hand, Ian from Wiltshire contacted first4magnets looking for a more elegant solution for fixing exterior, solar-powered lights to the outside of his motorhome. Magnets are a perfect solution as... Read More


How to use magnets in scrapbooking and paper craft

Dawn is an expert crafter and founder of Dawn’s Inspirations, a website that provides expert craft tutorials and workshops for creating scrapbooks photo albums, greeting cards and more. Dawn has attracted subscribers from all over the world and they are always keen to know where she gets her supplies from so we thought we would tell you more. Her website says her love of all things craft comes from her parents who always encouraged her ‘to have a go’. Well, we are thrilled they did Dawn because we love your... Read More