3D Imaging Magnets

3D Laser scanning is becoming increasingly popular as a fast method for gathering 3D digital data for any given object. Placing small reflectors onto any object and then scanning It using a 3D laser can allow you to build a complete digital 3D model of that object.

David, from CADMAN recently contacted us to tell us how he had incorporated our self-adhesive magnets into this very specialist domain.


David recently started a project to produce a complete laser scan of a vintage car wing. To prevent the car wing from being damaged by the self-adhesive laser dots when attached David instead used a large selection of our powerful 8mm diameter circular disc magnets. These magnets instantly attracted to the steel surface of the vintage wing and allowed David to attach the laser sensor to the magnets themselves. Not only did this method prevent adhesive from touching the surface of the vintage car wing, but it also allowed David to re-use the magnets on other projects were the object would attract a magnet.


We are very glad that our magnets provided David with a short and long term solution and we would like to thank him for sharing his application with us.

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