Applying social distancing to your construction sites with magnetic tape

Social distancing is one of the rules introduced by the government during this pandemic. With some businesses having to close during this time there are still some industries, for example construction and mechanics, still open and still working hard to provide us all with their services. These industries especially need to adhere to the rules to keep safe. So, we have put together this simple yet effect method for marking out the 2 metre social distancing rule. This method can be used in many trades/industries such as scaffolding sites, production lines, warehouses, construction sites and garages. All you need is a measuring tape and some of our hazard warning magnetic tape.

Our MagFlex® magnetic warning tapes can be cut to any size and provide the perfect solution for identifying temporary and permanent hazards within the workplace. In addition to this, due to their high visibility and the fact they can be easily cut to any size, they are perfect for clearly marking a 2 metre distance. The tape will attract to any steel/ferrous frames around your site. So, simply measure out 2 metres and mark by applying the tape. This will help keep your employees the right distance a part when they are moving around the site.

For smaller sites simply tape out workstations and apply a 1 person rule per labelled station, also ensure each work station is 2 metres apart.

There you have it, a quick health and safety trick to help order your team during this pandemic. Keep safe everyone, we will get through this together!

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