Building a Magnetic Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Unfortunately, we can’t always rely on the weather to provide us with a snowy Christmas or winter, however our customer, Kelly, has come up with a great solution for building snowmen whatever the weather!

For this application she purchased a variety of our colourful magnetic sheets, a pair of scissors and a creative mind. Our MagFlex® sheets with brightly coloured laminated PVC fronts are ideal for creating signs and displays and are available in white, red, black, yellow, orange, green and blue. Each sheet is magnetised with a striped north-south magnetic field giving a secure grip, whilst being able to peel the sheet off with ease and leaving no marks.

Kelly simply cut the MagFlex® sheets into different snow man shape and features and applied them to her garage door. She created a number of different pieces so her and her children could build the snowmen in a variety of ways. Check out her creations below:

As you can see Kelly didn’t stop at one snowman, in fact she created 12 amazing versions! This is a great activity for the children and is something that can be done all year round. We would like to thank Kelly, for sending over her amazing creations and would like to wish her a Merry Christmas!  

If you’re doing your own Christmas magnetic project, we would love you to share this with us! Please send in any pictures or videos to

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