Bathroom Applications


Fix and Secure Your Shower Door With Magnetic Tape

Who loves nothing more than having a good old steam in the shower? However, over time your shower door can become worn. This can lead to the door not closing properly, which can cause your shower to leak. Our quick DIY trick will fix your shower in no time!  All you will need is some of our Magflex, FerroFlex, measuring tape and some scissors. Step 1 Clean and remove any old fixing or sealant from the opening side of your shower door and shower frame. Step 2 Measure the opening... Read More


Fitting A Magnetically Attachable Bath Panel

If you have put lots of time and effort into refitting your bathroom, you will have undoubtedly considered a suitable decorative bath panel to cover the unsightly void beneath your bath. Nobody wishes to see ugly screw heads holding a panel in place, and what’s more, if your tub springs a leak it will take vital time to remove the panel. The smart solution is a magnetic bath panel which is straightforward to remove allowing easy access to your vital plumbing. What’s more magnets are more robust and less fiddly... Read More


Magnetic Make-up Organiser

If you own a lot of make-up and keep it in a regular make-up bag or drawer you will understand just how frustrating it is when you can’t find the make-up you need, especially when all the containers and boxes look the same. The best way of solving this problem is to create your own magnetic make-up board for keeping all your favourite bits organised. There are loads of simple ways you can do this depending on the look you are trying to achieve. This really easy method was sent... Read More


Shower Door Magnets

Waking up late in the morning, especially on a week day morning can lead to a very fast start to the day.  You can easily find breakfast going out the window, yesterday’s shirt making a second appearance and at least one important item you will no doubt need later in the day being left neglectfully on the side. On this rushed morning, which occurs to often for most you neglected one thing that we all rely on almost every day. Upon jumping in and out of the shower, the rather... Read More