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Clothing Magnets

brown corduroy trousers with magnetic button

Magnets make clothing alterations possible

Just like people, clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, but for people with a disability or restricted movement due to old age, sometimes regular clothing just isn’t suitable. In … Continue reading

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A selection of images of work by Elnaz Yazdani

Magnets and textiles

Renowned for their function, rather than their style, magnets are more likely to be found on a cat flap rather than the catwalk. It is their function however that allows … Continue reading

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Running shirt with number attached with neodymium magnets.

Using magnets to attach your race number

If you are an avid athlete or charity runner who has previously entered a race, you will have had the experience of struggling with safety pins to attach your allocated … Continue reading

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Bridegroom rose buttonhole held in place with magnets.

Wedding Buttonholes Attached Using Magnets

On your wedding day, it is the small but vital details that add up to make your day so special. One of those finer details is the buttonholes for the bridal … Continue reading

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Magnetic Pain Relief

We receive many calls from customers who are looking to use magnets for pain relief and healing therapy.      Although we are unable to verify the healing ability of magnets … Continue reading

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Magnets in Costume Design

We regularly receive calls and emails from customers who are looking to use magnets for producing costumes. They offer actors and artists the ability to remove components of clothing quickly, … Continue reading

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