Clothing Magnets

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Magnets Used In Props and Costume Design

You may have seen in previous posts, that we are big Star Wars fans! Eric, one of our Technical Experts, who is also a huge fan, has recently been working with one of our customers, Huw, on his latest costume and prop applications.  Huw is part of the Worldwide 501st Legion Star Wars Costumers.  501st Legion Star Wars Costumers is directly linked to Disney/Lucasfilm; they build all their own costumes to exact screen correctness. In Huw’s words, “It’s a labour of love in most cases, and a case of sourcing parts from... Read More

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Homemade Magnetic Gift Ideas

Struggling what to get your Mum this Mother’s Day, or looking for a gift for a friend? Don’t panic. We have put together some quick and easy homemade gift ideas for any last-minute present buying! Homemade gifts enable you to add personal touches, making the recipient feel extra special. These applications are suitable to do with children and can be adapted further for the more advanced crafters! So, lets get started! MAGNETIC JEWELLERY CLASPS Are they obsessed with jewellery? Get creative and make them a bracelet or necklace from scratch!... Read More


Magnets Make Clothing Alterations Possible

Just like people, clothing comes in all shapes and sizes, but for people with a disability or restricted movement due to old age, sometimes regular clothing just isn’t suitable. In situtations like this, adaptive clothing is required. Thankfully, there is Dressability. A UK charity based in Swindon who, thanks to their team of supremely talented seamstresses, are able to adapt regular clothing for people of all ages or with physical and learning disabilities at a fraction of the cost of regular alterations and improving upon much of the adaptive clothing... Read More


Magnets and Textiles

Renowned for their function, rather than their style, magnets are more likely to be found on a cat flap rather than the catwalk. It is their function however that allows greater creative expression than a standard needle and thread; something that is at the heart of Elnaz’s work, a hybrid designer/artist and student studying a BA in Textiles in Practice at the Manchester School of Art. Elnaz has used many magnets from first4magnets in her pieces, most recently exhibited in Paris at the L’aiguille en Fete embroidery show where her... Read More


Using Magnets To Attach Your Race Number

If you are an avid athlete or charity runner who has previously entered a race, you will have had the experience of struggling with safety pins to attach your allocated number to your vest, shirt or jersey. Not to mention the annoyance of completing a race to find out that your number has disappeared along the way, or worse still, the pins you used have created a hole or tear in your favourite, lucky competition attire However, there is an alternative – using magnets to attach your race number. Strong... Read More


Wedding Buttonholes Attached Using Magnets

On your wedding day, it is the small but vital details that add up to make your day so special. One of those finer details is the buttonholes for the bridal party and groomsmen. Traditionally, a florist providing buttonholes will supply a safety pin or needle-style pin to attach them. However, pins can leave holes in expensive suit jackets or dresses, and cause a painful prick to your chest or finger! But what if there was an instant solution? Firstly, we’d like to thank our customer Simon, from Shropshire, for sending in... Read More


Magnetic Pain Relief

We receive many calls from customers who are looking to use magnets for pain relief and healing therapy.      Although we are unable to verify the healing ability of magnets (it is somewhat of a grey area), we can confirm that magnets do relieve pain for hundreds of our customers. We don’t even need to talk about the technicality of the magnets interfering with the electrical pain signals to the brain since, the simplest reason we know our magnets work is… our customers tell us! The most popular and effective... Read More


Magnets in Costume Design

We regularly receive calls and emails from customers who are looking to use magnets for producing costumes. They offer actors and artists the ability to remove components of clothing quickly, easily and without any nasty Velcro noise! We were pleased when our customer, Adrian, told us that he wanted to send photographs of his Halloween costume so we could demonstrate how magnets can be utilised for this unique application. Adrian has carefully adhered small circular neodymium magnets to his ‘mask helmet’ and also to the face mask of his costume.... Read More