Craft And Model Magnet Applications


Make a levitating Lego Santa sleigh

Combining Lego and magnets opens up a whole world of fun and creativity; here, we will show you how to make a Christmas decoration with a difference. As well as being fun to make, it helps you learn about magnets too. If you or your children have other Lego kits, you will no doubt be able to piece together the bricks needed to create a Santa sleigh bursting with festive funk. You don’t have to copy ours, there are lots of designs to be found online. Will you decide on... Read More


Make a ‘pin the nose’ on Rudolph the Reindeer game

This festive spin on the timeless ‘pin the tail on the donkey’ game is sure to prove a great past-time at your Christmas party this year and something everyone young and old can get involved in. Who at your party will return Rudolph’s bright red nose to its rightful place? With just a few materials, it is so easy to put together, here’s how: What you need: White magnetic sheet (small or large) or  self-adhesive magnetic sheet (small or large) A4 red magnetic sheet Printed Rudolph design, or permanent marker... Read More


Make your own Halloween spider fishing game

This spooky spin on the traditional magnet fishing or hook-a-duck game is sure to keep everyone entertained at your Halloween party and is so simple to put together. What you need: Large white flexible magnetic sheet Black dry-wipe marker pen Chopsticks String Tape Spider-shaped cut out Self-adhesive steel discs Ferrite ring magnets How to make your own spider fishing game: 1) Firstly, unroll your white magnetic sheet and draw your spider web on to it with your black dry-wipe marker pen. 2) Take as many chopsticks as you require, one... Read More


Spine-tingling Halloween magnetic door designs

With a little imagination, a dash of creativity and a roll of black magnetic sheet and tape you can create some fabulous hair-raising designs to temporarily transform an ordinary white magnetic surface such as your garage, house or fridge door! What you need: Magnetic surface, such as your garage or fridge door Sharp scissors Large black flexible magnetic sheet or A4 black magnetic sheet 19mm wide black magnetic gridding tape The magnetic sheets and tape have a coloured surface on one side and are magnetic on the other. What’s more,... Read More


Spooktacular magnetic paper craft bats

  It is scarily easy to spook up your Halloween decorations with these magnetic paper vampire bats. They are simple enough to make at home, and realistic enough to add that extra chilling edge to your Halloween decorations! The small magnets on the reverse will allow you to quickly position them in loads of places in your home or office!     What you will need: Black paper (or other colour of your choice) 20mm diameter x 3mm thick self-adhesive ferrite magnets Optional: 10mm diameter x 1mm thick self-adhesive steel... Read More


How to use magnets in scrapbooking and paper craft

Dawn is an expert crafter and founder of Dawn’s Inspirations, a website that provides expert craft tutorials and workshops for creating scrapbooks photo albums, greeting cards and more. Dawn has attracted subscribers from all over the world and they are always keen to know where she gets her supplies from so we thought we would tell you more. Her website says her love of all things craft comes from her parents who always encouraged her ‘to have a go’. Well, we are thrilled they did Dawn because we love your... Read More


Magnets make bespoke cards possible

When the technicians at first4magnets were contacted by designer card makers Hupa Lupa, imaginations ran wild. We are delighted to say that Hupa Lupa chose to use some of our magnets to create their range of unique cards and gifts. In one particular range of designs, Hupa Lupa used a 10mm diameter self-adhesive neodymium magnet to hold a decorative icon or brooch to the front of the card by attracting to a small neodymium magnet countersunk and embedded in the brooch. Card makers regularly use magnets to create their designs... Read More


Make your own magnetic Advent calendar

The 1st of December and the start of Advent (and of the course the countdown to Christmas) is just around the corner. Advent is a time of expectance, excitement and preparation ahead of the celebrations of the Nativity of Jesus in the Christian calendar. It is also a time when excited children open a door on their Advent calendars every day, usually to retrieve small chocolates, gifts or uncover traditional Nativity images. After Christmas, millions of exhausted Advent calendars are simply discarded. This year, why not invest the time in... Read More


Using magnets for stop motion animation

Stop motion is a technique using plasticine or clay models and sets which are shot one frame at a time. Between each frame the models and set are moved very slightly to give the impression of movement before the process is repeated and the next frame is shot. Stop motion animation has a long and varied history in film used, for the first time before 1900 and throughout the boom of silent movies. More recently, much loved characters Wallace and Gromit and their exploits were created using the technique of... Read More


Magnets for model making and engineering

Magnets find many uses in model making and engineering; aside from holding parts of finished models together they can be really useful aids during the construction of models. These application photos demonstrating the use of 8mm x 8mm cylindrical neodymium (N42) magnets kindly sent to us by a customer, who is also a member of the Guildford Model Engineering Society, show just how they can be used to aid construction. This particular customer was in the midst of constructing a small-scale stream locomotive when he approached us and enquired about... Read More