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Display Magnets

Create your own marble run with magnets!

We strongly believe that you can have fun with magnets! We recently received an email from one of our customers, Ed, who proves this. He has recently been working on … Continue reading

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Create engaging POS displays with Magnetic Hooks

POS (Point of Sale) signage and displays are a pivotal part of any retail space, providing an eye-catching visual to entice customers and attract interest. Often the most difficult part … Continue reading

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How to Create Magnetic Photoframes with Magnetic Tape

Have you ever wondered what makes a house a home? Well at MAGNET EXPERT®, we believe it’s those personal touches that add comfort and sentiment to each individual room, whether … Continue reading

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Mining-inspired interactive sculpture brought to life with magnets

At first4magnets we are proud to have worked with many inspirational creative people over the years including artists, sculptors, architects and designers and we literally jump at the chance to … Continue reading

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Magnetic medal display board

These medal photos were sent into first4magnets by avid marathon runner, Martyn from Devon. Martyn has amassed almost 100 running medals in just four years (just the shear thought tires … Continue reading

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magnets holding drawing in place

Using magnets to install a backlit display system

A backlit display system uses lights to illuminate a subject from behind, and as the item being lit covers the lights, they are hidden from view. At an exhibition or … Continue reading

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Glass clip frame showing three ferrite channel magnets fixed to the back of the frame for hanging on a metal wall

Hanging picture frames on metal walls and partitions

If you work in an office with metal walls or partitions it can be incredibly difficult to hang pictures without drilling unsightly holes which are also difficult to fill in … Continue reading

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The gallery looked stunning once it was finished.

Using magnets to hang artwork

At first4magnets.com, we have helped hundreds of artists, exhibitors and curators looking for the ideal magnets to hang artwork in their exhibitions, galleries and displays. Each callers’ problem is similar; … Continue reading

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Music Stand Magnets

If you are a musician performing outside you, like so many others will have experienced the difficulty of keeping music attached to your music stand in moderate or high winds. … Continue reading

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Magnetic Picture Frames

Hanging picture frames with magnets sounds like it might be a difficult task? Why not use a traditional picture hook or nail you might ask? Well one of our customers, … Continue reading

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