Display Magnets


Mining-inspired interactive sculpture brought to life with magnets

At first4magnets we are proud to have worked with many inspirational creative people over the years including artists, sculptors, architects and designers and we literally jump at the chance to help with creative projects. After all, magnets are a wonderful tool for creating interactive works of art as they instil a sense of wonder and curiosity in anyone who handles them. Recently, we were approached by artist Jenny Hall, Creative Director at Craftedspace who had a vision to create an exhibition that explored mining and the links between destruction and... Read More


Magnetic medal display board

These medal photos were sent into first4magnets by avid marathon runner, Martyn from Devon. Martyn has amassed almost 100 running medals in just four years (just the shear thought tires us out) and was struggling for a method of displaying his well-earned awards. We heard of Martyn’s dilemma on Twitter and were only to keen to assist. A couple of tweets and emails later and a large self-adhesive ferrous sheet and a pack of self-adhesive magnets were on their way to Martyn. The gloss-white ferrous sheet is stuck to an... Read More


Using magnets to install a backlit display system

A backlit display system uses lights to illuminate a subject from behind, and as the item being lit covers the lights, they are hidden from view. At an exhibition or gallery, backlit display systems are excellent for creating the desired mood and heightening the focus in a particular place, or on a particular piece of work. The below photos were sent to us by a group of young architects from the University of Central London’s Bartlett School of Architecture who installed this cutting-edge display system to showcase their work to... Read More


Hanging picture frames on metal walls and partitions

If you work in an office with metal walls or partitions it can be incredibly difficult to hang pictures without drilling unsightly holes which are also difficult to fill in and disguise at a later date. Or maybe you’ve created your own office, studio or workshop with metal walls? Either way, the most sensible and cost effective way to hang your pictures and photographs is to use magnets. Valerie from Barnet did just that and sent us these wonderful pictures of her favourite TV show memorabilia fixed to her metal... Read More


Using magnets to hang artwork

At, we have helped hundreds of artists, exhibitors and curators looking for the ideal magnets to hang artwork in their exhibitions, galleries and displays. Each callers’ problem is similar; they are looking for a simple and stylish way to hang artwork that won’t damage the artwork or the walls and will also allow for individual pieces of art, sometimes really large pieces, to be swiftly swapped and changed. There are a number of ways this can be achieved using strategically placed, strong but importantly, inconspicuous magnets. The photos below,... Read More


Music Stand Magnets

If you are a musician performing outside you, like so many others will have experienced the difficulty of keeping music attached to your music stand in moderate or high winds. While almost all music stands are manufactured with an adjustable metal bar across the top of the stand, this fails to keep the bottom of your manuscript paper in place. So how else can you safely keep your music in place when performing? Robert from Gloucestershire was very pleased to contact us and tell us how he had created a... Read More


Magnetic Picture Frames

Hanging picture frames with magnets sounds like it might be a difficult task? Why not use a traditional picture hook or nail you might ask? Well one of our customers, Nicola from Manchester, might just be able to answer that question for you! Nicola contacted us with a problem in her work office. Unlike most office environments the walls of Nicola’s company office were constructed entirely of steel. Nicola explained that she was completely unable to use any type of screw, hook or nail fixture to hang important company certificates... Read More


Magnetic Hooks for Jewellery

Making the most of space is important to any home owner. Have you ever had a small cupboard or draw and wondered how to make the most of it? Or do you have a large range of jewellery and wondered how to store it safely? We were recently contacted by Trudy from Cheshire who had come up with a unique way to not only make the most of a small space, but keep her jewellery tidy, organised and easily accessible. Using a selection of our magnetic hooks Trudy was able... Read More


Transporting Delicate Pictures

Transporting delicate belongings and possessions can be an extremely difficult task. Ron from Warwickshire contacted us to tell us how he managed to transport a very delicate Craft work all the way to Torquay without it being damaged. The craft work was composed of dried plant materials and was extremely fragile. To transport the craft work Ron used a steel tray stuck to the bottom of a cardboard box using parcel tape. He then laid the craft work onto the tray and used two F201 (20mm x 10mm x 5mm... Read More


Frame Magnets

Using magnets in artwork, art installations and art sculptures is becoming increasingly popular. With the size of magnets becoming smaller and their strength becoming greater magnets are a great solution for artists to improve and adapt their artwork. Lisa from Norfolk contacted us to tell us how she intended to use our small neodymium magnets to enhance her artwork. Lisa creates pieces of art by sculpting small people that attach onto a box canvas. As you will agree, these art pieces are incredibly unique and fascinating. Lisa ordered some of... Read More