Educational Magnet Applications


Create your own marble run with magnets!

We strongly believe that you can have fun with magnets! We recently received an email from one of our customers, Ed, who proves this. He has recently been working on the Marble Mania summer exhibition at St Neots Museum. Marble Mania is a collaborative project from The Neotists, a local creative community in St Neots. The project is supported with a grant from Cambridge Community Reach fund. Ed is a local painter and decorator who was commissioned to build the exhibition. The main feature was a giant interactive marble run,... Read More


Make a levitating Lego Santa sleigh

Combining Lego and magnets opens up a whole world of fun and creativity; here, we will show you how to make a Christmas decoration with a difference. As well as being fun to make, it helps you learn about magnets too. If you or your children have other Lego kits, you will no doubt be able to piece together the bricks needed to create a Santa sleigh bursting with festive funk. You don’t have to copy ours, there are lots of designs to be found online. Will you decide on... Read More

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The World’s first unpowered horizontal magnetic levitation device

To anyone interested in magnets and magnetism levitation and devices that facilitate this are fascinating, none more-so than the Halitron™. The Halitron is the world’s first unpowered horizontal magnetic levitation device and has just been launched via an exciting Kickstarter campaign. The Halitron lets you spin and levitate a top within a carefully calculated magnetic field. The magnetic field effectively traps the spinning top, allowing it to float in mid-air. The magnets used are ferrite magnets and no electrical power is required to operate the Halitron. First4magnets is proud to... Read More


School Magnets Viking Re-Enactment

Planning a large scale battle is no mean feat! You will need several objects to represent your ships and troops and you will also need to easily reposition them to show how the battle will play out. Who would have thought that magnets would play such a huge role in preparing for a large scale ancient invasion? Our customer Hannah from London strongly believed that magnets were the only way to achieve such a complex battle re-enactment. Hannah, working with her school class purchased a selection of our adhesive magnets... Read More


School Magnets

Magnets are a fundamental part of schools across the UK. You can find magnets everywhere; on magnetic whiteboards, staff room fridge, in the science laboratory, lunch boxes and classroom teaching aids. Magnets feature heavily in most school syllabuses. At school we are all taught the fundamental principles of magnets and magnetics. We learn that the earth is a giant magnet and that magnets produce strong forces. With the development of new technologies we discover new magnets, smaller and powerful. These magnets are now built into many small commercial products and... Read More


Magnetic Teaching Aids

Using magnets in education as teaching aids is becoming increasingly popular. Marian from Ashford teaches children music theory using the popular Suzuki method. To teach the Suzuki method Marian uses magnets to create magnetic flashcards for individual and class lessons. These flash cards help teach young children music theory. These cards are made by printing on paper or card and placing small adhesive magnetic dots on the back. This is very easy and quick technique of making magnetic cards. It is so simple and safe that you could even get... Read More


Magnetic Science Putty

We all know that Science Putty fascinates children and adults alike with its ability to be manipulated in many different ways; stretched, bounced, ripped etc. It was only a matter of time before people started to look to enhance Science Putty further and make it magnetic! Hannah contacted us to tell us how she had purchased both a magnet and iron powder filings from us to convert science putty into magnetic putty. Hannah kneaded the iron filings into the putty until they had both completely mixed together. Hannah then took... Read More


Magnetic Rocks

When was the last time you walked into your garden with a high performance magnet and tried using it to pick up a rock from your favourite flower bed? …. Never?  As crazy as the idea might sound we were very surprised to hear that one of customers has tried this very idea, with a small twist! Salim from London contacted us to share his very unique and unusual use of high performance magnets and rocks.   Salim runs out-reaching science talks for schools and uses the magnets to show which... Read More


Modern Maglev Toys

MagLev is a term used to describe a newly developed form of transportation. They are very similar to trains. MagLev transportation uses magnets to guide, direct and help accelerate train-like carriages over long distances. MagLev trains can reach impressive speeds of up to 300 miles per hour. In order to demonstrate how MagLev systems work, York House School in Hertfordshire contacted us to buy a set of magnets to create their very own miniature MagLev system. York House School created a guided track and a MagLev carriage. The carriage had... Read More