Fridge and Noticeboard Magnet Applications

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Creating a ferrous surface on your kitchen cupboards

In a modern-day kitchen, built in appliances are a very popular choice, allowing things such as your fridge and freezer to be hidden away behind cupboard doors. Whilst your kitchen looks visually pleasing, it takes away the option to be able to pin up reminders, drawings or photos to your fridges with magnets. As a result of this, our experts often get calls on how they can create a surface for them to able to use magnets on. We recently heard from one of our customers who did just that.... Read More


May the fourth be with you…

In the spirit of things, we thought we would share with you a Star Wars themed customer application! We are always amazed at the creative ways our customers use our magnets, and this application is extremely creative! One of our customers came in to speak with our experts and to show his amazing Yoda mould creations. He created an intricately designed Yoda head, moulded from clay, sculpted and painted – we think they are brilliant! So why was he looking for magnets for his Yoda moulds? He was looking to... Read More

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Homemade magnetic gift ideas

Struggling what to get your Mum this Mother’s Day, or looking for a gift for a friend? Don’t panic. We have put together some quick and easy homemade gift ideas for any last-minute present buying! Homemade gifts enable you to add personal touches, making the recipient feel extra special. These applications are suitable to do with children and can be adapted further for the more advanced crafters! So, lets get started! MAGNETIC JEWELLERY CLASPS Are they obsessed with jewellery? Get creative and make them a bracelet or necklace from scratch!... Read More


The Squeezey – A magnetic tube squeezing device

Squeezing the last remnants of toothpaste out the tube is frustrating, especially when you are bleary-eyed in a morning and you come to brush your teeth to find the ‘squeezer-from-the-top’ in your household has been at it again… Thankfully a team of designers has solved this age-old irritation with an incredibly simple and innovative product – known as a Squeezey. The team are not seasoned product designers, but a budding group of secondary school pupils from Weald of Kent Grammar School! The six-strong team of students entered their Squeezey idea into... Read More


Make your own magnetic Advent calendar

The 1st of December and the start of Advent (and of the course the countdown to Christmas) is just around the corner. Advent is a time of expectance, excitement and preparation ahead of the celebrations of the Nativity of Jesus in the Christian calendar. It is also a time when excited children open a door on their Advent calendars every day, usually to retrieve small chocolates, gifts or uncover traditional Nativity images. After Christmas, millions of exhausted Advent calendars are simply discarded. This year, why not invest the time in... Read More


Bride & Groom Save The Date Magnets

Tom from Bristol contacted us to show us how he had used our F322NAT self-adhesive magnets to create the perfect save the date magnet to send to friends and family.  Tom created his own mini bride and groom fridge magnets that could be sent out with his wedding invitations to help keep them safe.  The F322NAT magnet Tom used is a high performance 8mm diameter by 1mm thick self-adhesive neodymium magnet.  The magnet is backed with a strong 3m adhesive.   The strong backing and the high performance magnet meant Tom... Read More


Photo Fridge Magnets

Creating your own fridge magnets is a great fun home project and a way to turn old and new photographs into keepsakes. We speak to customers on weekly basis who are interested in creating fridge magnets for professional uses and hobbies. We all take photographs to remember our happiest memories, but our customer Toni has taken it further by having these happy memories turned into custom made fridge magnets. Toni carefully cuts around each image and applies a small adhesive neodymium magnet to the back of the picture, instantly turning... Read More


Noticeboard Magnets – Documentary

Magnets are used all over the world in hundreds of thousands of different applications. Magnets are commonly found in people’s houses on the front of fridges, on office notice boards or inside their latest electrical devices. It is fair to say that magnets have been a very common part of everyday life for some time. For this reason is it always nice to hear from customers who are using our magnets for a very common application but with an interesting subject or background. Dean from the West Midlands contacted us... Read More