Kitchen Magnets


Covering a hole using Flexible Magnets

Magnets offer a range of solutions, and we constantly hear of the extraordinary things which our customers plan to use our magnets for, and we love nothing more than to hear back from our customers and see exactly how our products have been used! One customer, Maureen Edwards, has been kind enough to send some images across of how exactly she used our FerroFlex self-adhesive tape and an MagFlex® A3 flexible magnetic sheet to amend the opening underneath her boiler. Having used the adhesive backing on the FerroFlex® self-adhesive tape,... Read More

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Creating a ferrous surface on your kitchen cupboards

In a modern-day kitchen, built in appliances are a very popular choice, allowing things such as your fridge and freezer to be hidden away behind cupboard doors. Whilst your kitchen looks visually pleasing, it takes away the option to be able to pin up reminders, drawings or photos to your fridges with magnets. As a result of this, our experts often get calls on how they can create a surface for them to able to use magnets on. We recently heard from one of our customers who did just that.... Read More


Kitchen appliance hack: Tumble dryer door

The use of magnets does not need to be complicated. In fact, some of the simple ideas are the best ones! Recently we helped a customer with a simple home DIY trick for their tumble dryer door. Their tumble dryer sits on top of their washing machine and the door to the dryer kept closing whilst they were loading and unloading from the machine. They needed a solution to keep the door open when required. The customer advised the team that their dryer door was made from chrome plastic, which... Read More


How to make magnetic wine glass charms for your Christmas party

At any party, especially at Christmas it is easy to get carried away. As the food, wine and merriment begin to flow, it is even easier to lose track of which glass belongs to whom. It is also tradition for dinner party hosts and hostesses to offer their guests a small favour. By making your own wine glass charms you can prevent any glass-related confusion and give your guests a classy little gift. Here is what you will need: 22mm diameter memory wire rings Decorative beads or charms Magnetic jewellery... Read More


Stop your fridge light turning on when the door is open

Every time you open your fridge, as regular as clockwork, you are greeted by the welcoming glow of the light coming from somewhere at the back of your appliance. Unarguably an incredibly useful feature, that, as technology has progressed has seen the functionality and performance increase to super-efficient LED lights that are turned on and off by a reed switch, as if by magic. All well and good, but not if you don’t want your fridge or freezer light to turn on automatically when you open the door. Why would... Read More


Magnetic hooks for hanging mugs

If you have a mug tree in your kitchen, you will know that they generally only hold about six to eight mugs. Now, most households have far more mugs than this in their kitchen cupboards taking up valuable cupboard space. A solution using magnets is the perfect answer, particularly if you like to show off your collection of mugs, like Myra from Somerset. Myra approached us seeking the perfect magnets to hang her mugs on the side of her fridge-freezer so that they were easily accessible and always within reach... Read More


Magnetic spice rack

Magnets are useful all over the home, particularly in the kitchen. For example, magnetic knife racks and magnetic cupboard and drawer closures are not uncommon. They can even be used to keep oven doors firmly shut and of course, every fridge has a magnetic flexible rubber seal. Another use of magnets in the kitchen is for creating a magnetic spice rack to keep all those spices neatly organised and accessible. We were delighted to receive these pictures from Mike in County Durham who had created this wonderful example of a... Read More


Washing Machine Magnet

Washing machines can often be extremely loud, big and intrusive on the eye. Where possible most people typically like to house washing machines in their outhouse, garage, pantry or kitchen cupboard. So how do magnets help keep your washing machine out of sight and out of mind when not in use? In most modern houses washing machines are now installed in the kitchen near the kitchen sink. Rather than having these uncovered house builders, kitchen designers and home owners choose to set the washing back into the kitchen units and... Read More


Oven Door Magnets

Replacing kitchen appliances when they break can be a costly exercise. Fixing faulty or broken appliances can also be very expensive and time consuming. One of our customers recently contacted us to tell us how they had used our magnets to fix their faulty oven door, a problem we hear about on a regular basis. Colin from Hampshire had a faulty oven door that didn’t shut properly and leaked large amounts of heat. This loss of heat was costing Colin money and adding extra cooking time onto his meals. After... Read More


Kitchen Magnets

We are so pleased that our customer, Ian from Scott & Gray Ltd has sent in information about his application. The use of neodymium magnets in kitchen applications has increase significantly over the last couple of years and is now one of the most popular and recognized applications for neodymium magnets. The reason Neodymium magnets are so sought after is that they offer an extremely discreet solution to hold cupboard doors and drawers closed. You would normally find the magnet recessed into the door itself and the frame, with the... Read More