Magnets for Outdoors


Keep your gates securely closed with countersunk magnets

Magnets are a quick and easy solution for keeping doors, cupboards and gates closed securely. Recently we had an inquiry from one of our customers, Steve, who required a magnetic solution for his gate. After speaking to one of our experts, Steve purchased: 1 x 25mm x 5mm thick x 6.0mm Neodymium Magnet – 11.2kg Pull NORTH 1 x 25mm x 5mm thick x 6.0mm Neodymium Magnet – 11.2kg Pull SOUTH. SHOP NOW These magnets are ideal for this application due to the countersunk central hole, which allows them to... Read More


How to secure canal boat doors with pot magnets

Each month we receive various emails from our customers demonstrating the use of our magnets. Recently we have been receiving more stories about customers using our magnets in various modes of transport and in this particular case, a canal boat! We were pleased to hear from one of our customers, Bob, who got in contact to share his creative yet very practical use of our magnets on his canal boat! Bob is amongst a number of volunteers from the Cotswold Canals Trust, who work tirelessly on restoring the Cotswold Canals.... Read More


Magnetic hooks for your BBQ

Barbecue season is that glorious time of the year when the weekday evenings get longer and the scent of freshly-cut grass and chargrilled meat fill the air. As you dust off the trusty grill for another summer of faithful service, consider a magnetic upgrade for your favourite utensils.   We’ve been there, mid-grill, as the sausages are on the cusp of turning from perfectly charred to burnt to a crisp, you are presented with another plate of uncooked burgers and you can’t hear yourself think above the din of the... Read More


Effortlessly clean-up your bonfire with a magnetic sweeper

Bonfires are synonymous with the anniversary of the Gunpowder plot and other celebrations with hundreds of private and public displays organised every year. However, the time and financial cost of the clean-up effort after these displays can skyrocket. To make a bonfire, your need wood and lots of it, that much is obvious. And, within wood such as discarded pallets and furniture, you will find lots of screws, nails, tacks and staples that hold together the discarded items. Once the dying embers of the fire have rescinded to ash, the... Read More


Magnets for holding arrows in an archer’s quiver

Archery is a sport which is ever increasing in popularity and it really is accessible for everyone; irrespective of age, ability and physical fitness anyone can enjoy it. Archery GB has 34,000 members alone and many, many more people are ‘having a go’ at events and activity centres up and down the country, every weekend. Richard from Merseyside is one of the many people taking up archery and who recently contacted first4magnets with a common problem. Richard said: “I have recently retired and taken up archery to get me out... Read More


How to attach a caravan or campervan awning with magnets

There are a number of different methods suitable for securing an awning to your caravan, campervan or motorhome depending on the fixings you already have installed. These include ‘C’ rails, ‘J’ rails and gutters primarily for diverting rainwater. These are popular fixtures, but all require additional attachments such as poles, clamps or figure-8 strip.  If you don’t have rails or gutters already fitted to your vehicle, it can be a costly job to have them added. They can also be rather unsightly, detracting from the look of your beloved van!... Read More


Magnetic camera mount

Many people use cameras as part of their job or to take photos of their favourite pastime and this can require a mount for the camera. There are many professional camera mounts on the market – Will from Lincolnshire had purchased one of these mounts with a built in suction pad. However, this proved to be not strong enough to fix the camera in place on dirty or uneven surfaces and seeing as Will was using his camera to film agricultural machinery, this was obviously posing a real problem. Faced... Read More


Creating a hidden magnetic gate latch

Creating a hidden magnetic gate latch need not be a costly or a difficult job. There are several ways you can create a hidden locking mechanism on a garden gate, including different ways of using magnets. Peter, from Cambridgeshire recently emailed our technical experts in search of a little advice and inspiration. Peter explained that he was in the process of creating a gate to keep his cats out of a section of his garden. Peter had considered cup, magnet and steel disc systems but was looking for a more... Read More


Magnetic Retrieval

It is widely known that magnets can be used for retrieval of ferrous objects, and they have been for many years. You will find amateur treasure finders have used magnets to find precious metals, keys or jewellery. We also have manufacturing companies using large magnets to pick up nails or metal filings from car parks, workshops etc Magnetic Retrieval is now a big part of the industry and many people seek to make their own retrieval devices. Our customer, Tony, originally came through to us with an idea to build... Read More


Magnetic Chair – Shooting

Each week at we receive a high volume of emails from customers telling us about their magnet applications. We recently received an email from Stuart in Essex telling us about his extremely unique magnet application. Stuart is a big fan of shooting and wanted to use our magnets to solve a problem he was experiencing when shooting regularly with friends. While waiting to shoot a clay pigeon he usually sits down on a shooting chair with a large spike at the bottom surrounded by an aluminium plate. The spike... Read More