Professional Magnet Applications


Door closures with countersunk magnets

We have recently been working with Peter Bell Architects on their recent installation. They were looking to build a ‘wall’ to hide the base of a staircase to the basement of an early Victorian house. The ‘wall’ appears to look like a wall of panels and cupboard doors, where in fact one of the panels pivots to reveal a staircase. They were after a solution that would create a sleek and subtle closure, to echo the wall illusion. So, how did our magnets help? Our experts advised they purchase: 20mm... Read More


Magnetic Solutions for Steel Containers

Steel shipping containers offer the perfect surface for magnets to attract to due to their high level of iron. Generally, there are three types of steel containers – those for transporting goods, converted shipping containers and purpose built stores. Each variation of container has its own merits, but one common characteristic is their ferrous shell, which enables users to apply magnetic solutions to get the maximum performance from their container. At Magnet Expert, we pride ourselves on finding solutions to your day to day tasks and helping you to improve with creative... Read More


Securing cables to a steel surface

  Drilling into a steel surface is time consuming and permanent, with no margin for error or adjustment once the holes are drilled. This can present problems when you need to secure cables to the walls of a steel clad building quickly and easily. Using a magnetic cable tie mount to secure cables is a great solution. It not only saves time on the installation but enables the installer to easily and quickly reposition the anchor points during or after installation. As well as simply securing cables, magnetic cable tie... Read More


Magnets and textiles

Renowned for their function, rather than their style, magnets are more likely to be found on a cat flap rather than the catwalk. It is their function however that allows greater creative expression than a standard needle and thread; something that is at the heart of Elnaz’s work, a hybrid designer/artist and student studying a BA in Textiles in Practice at the Manchester School of Art. Elnaz has used many magnets from first4magnets in her pieces, most recently exhibited in Paris at the L’aiguille en Fete embroidery show where her... Read More


Using magnets for stop motion animation

Stop motion is a technique using plasticine or clay models and sets which are shot one frame at a time. Between each frame the models and set are moved very slightly to give the impression of movement before the process is repeated and the next frame is shot. Stop motion animation has a long and varied history in film used, for the first time before 1900 and throughout the boom of silent movies. More recently, much loved characters Wallace and Gromit and their exploits were created using the technique of... Read More


Using magnets to hang artwork

At, we have helped hundreds of artists, exhibitors and curators looking for the ideal magnets to hang artwork in their exhibitions, galleries and displays. Each callers’ problem is similar; they are looking for a simple and stylish way to hang artwork that won’t damage the artwork or the walls and will also allow for individual pieces of art, sometimes really large pieces, to be swiftly swapped and changed. There are a number of ways this can be achieved using strategically placed, strong but importantly, inconspicuous magnets. The photos below,... Read More


Magnetic vehicle signs

Vehicle signs are a fantastic way of getting your message to the millions of motorists and passengers who travel by car every day. If you own a business you need to make sure your vehicles look their best and portray your company’s brand – magnetic vehicle signs are the most cost-effective, durable and flexible option. Studies show that vehicle signage is seen by more different types of people than any other form of advertising and with over 70 billion vehicle miles being driven on UK roads each quarter, it’s easy... Read More


Magnets used to show chimpanzee problem solving intelligence

When Dr. Riley, a psychology researcher from the University of London contacted us about her most unique application, we were not only eager to help but also excited, our team love animals! Our team was presented with an interesting application where chimpanzees would use two magnets to pull a block of wood inside a metal tube and thereby pull an out of reach piece of food to an opening in the pipe. – It was to study chimpanzee intelligence and use of different tools. Our customer designed and built an... Read More


Theatre / Stage Magnets – Stage Designers Use Magnets

It goes without saying that stage designers need to use fixing methods that are not only quick to put up and attach, but also very quick to take down for the next stage setup or design.   We are now receiving high volume of calls from stage designers wanting to incorporate magnets into their stage props, back-drops and even costumes to make the transition to the next scene much faster and easier for those involved. When your next at a stage show, have a look across the stage and we... Read More


Silicon Mould Magnets

We recently received an email from one of our customers explaining how they had introduced magnets into a part of their silicon mould production process.  Ron from Greater London uses our F307 Magnets in his silicon moulds to ensure that they fit accurately into tight plaster jackets. Ron explained that a series of physical keys are traditionally used to hold silicon moulds tightly into their plaster jacket.  These are usually very difficult to locate and can make removal of the fitted mould from the jacket very difficult.  By using small... Read More