Winter Applications

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Building a Magnetic Snowman

Do you want to build a snowman? Unfortunately, we can’t always rely on the weather to provide us with a snowy Christmas or winter, however our customer, Kelly, has come up with a great solution for building snowmen whatever the weather! Kelly simply cut the MagFlex® sheets into different snow man shape and features and applied them to her garage door. She created a number of different pieces so her and her children could build the snowmen in a variety of ways. Check out her creations below: As you can... Read More

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Using FerroFlex® To Hit The Slopes

Getting into the spirit of things, we thought we would share with you a Christmas themed customer application! We are amazed by all the creative and crafty ways our customers utilise our magnets, and this one is certainly getting everyone in the Christmas spirit! One of our customers came to speak with our experts to create an at home ski slope. For this project the lady has a snowboarder that she wanted to move up and down her handmade ski slope. From our experts advice, she purchased FerroFlex® 20mm Wide... Read More


A Simple Solution To Stopping Light Seepage With Magnets

No one likes a bad night sleep, especially not from light seeping through your curtains. Sleep plays a vital role in everyone’s life it helps improve mental/physical health, it supports a healthy brain function and makes you more productive during the day. So why let the things like your curtains get in the way of this? Especially since this can be easily fixed with our simple solution! All you need is our Stitch In PVC coated ‘Quick Change’ Textile Magnets: Once you have purchased the stitch in PVC coated ‘quick... Read More


Magnetic Vent Cover

Have you ever needed to cover a vent in your house, office or factory? Have you been left feeling that cold draught blowing through from an outside vent? Craig from Border Biscuits contacted us during the cold months of December tell us about how he has used our magnetic sheets to keep his factory warm. Craig had ordered our gloss white flexible magnet sheet to cover act as a temporary cover for air vents around the factory. The magnetic sheet reacted with the vent like glue and formed a tight... Read More


How To Fix A Rattling Letterbox With Magnets

Keeping the cold out in the winter months is a must for everyone. Draughty leaks let cold air in, increase your electricity bills and make for a very cold night in. But what happens when your letter box lets the draft in and you are unable to seal it? The postman would find it difficult to deliver your mail. Chris from the Isle of Wight contacted us to tell us how he had managed to solve this problem with this own front door. Chris had purchased a selection of small... Read More