Covering a hole using Flexible Magnets

Magnets offer a range of solutions, and we constantly hear of the extraordinary things which our customers plan to use our magnets for, and we love nothing more than to hear back from our customers and see exactly how our products have been used!

One customer, Maureen Edwards, has been kind enough to send some images across of how exactly she used our FerroFlex self-adhesive tape and an MagFlex® A3 flexible magnetic sheet to amend the opening underneath her boiler.

Having used the adhesive backing on the FerroFlex® self-adhesive tape, Maureen has cut two strips at either end of the hole and one longer strip across the bottom creating a magnetic surface around the entire area.

FerroFlex® ferrous tapes are not magnets, but they are perfect for creating an instant surface that magnets will attract to.

With the tape creating a magnetic surface around the hole Maureen has been able to simply use one MagFlex® A3 flexible magnetic sheet to stick over the hole, meaning it can be covered at all times but all the important controls for the boiler can be easily accessed when required.

This MagFlex® flexible magnetic sheet is magnetic on one side only
and can easily be cut to size. Thanks to its gloss white finish on the reverse side matching the boiler providing an overall clean aesthetic.

We would like to thank Maureen for getting in touch and sharing her story with us. If you are currently working on a project or could use some advice, our team would love to hear from you! Contact our experts on 0845 519 4701 or email


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