Craft Die Storage Magnetic Sheets

Storing Craft Dies can be tricky business. Across the internet you can find many different ways to create your own storage solution for metal craft dies. We were very lucky to hear from one of our customers who had come up with their own unique metal craft die storage solution.

Ann from South Yorkshire contacted us to tell us how she had used our magnets to not only safely store her craft dies but arrange them so that they were easily accessible. Anne used a selection of our A4 flexible magnet sheets in a variety of colours for her storage. The metal craft dies were attracted to the magnetic sheets and securely held in place. This solution allowed Anne to store the A4 sheets in a variety of folders and keep them very well organised.



We would like to thank Anne for telling us about her magnet application and for sending us some great photos.

If you would like to create your own magnetic craft die storage solution why not try our A4 flexible magnetic sheets.

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