Create a Magnetic Knife Rack

Using magnets to create a magnetic knife rack or block is a very common application, and one we get asked about on a daily basis. Therefore, whatever your ideal design you will be able to find the ideal magnets on

At first4magnets we stock a small range of magnetic knife racks. These handy knife racks allow you to store sharp knives at a safe distance away from children and give you easy access to your kitchen utensils. However, it is also possible to create your own magnetic rack or block by embedding magnets into a block of wood. Neodymium magnets are so strong that they can be embedded in wood and still be strong enough to hold a large knife through several millimetres of wood.

To help provide some inspiration for anyone wanting to make their own magnetic knife rack we have detailed two very different and unique ways to get you started.

The magnetic knife rack below uses a very simple method of embedding high power neodymium magnets into the back of a block of wood.  This creates the illusion of kitchen knives floating at the front of the wood. The magnets used in this desing are 20mm diameter x 10mm thick N42 neodymium magnets – each is capable of holding an impressive 520 grams in a shear position through 5mm of wood.


Each of the magnets used in this knife rack were carefully inserted and positioned into the back of the block of wood and as close to the front as possible.  Keeping the magnets close to the front of the wood ensures that they remain strong enough to attract most kitchen knives.


We received an enquiry from one of our customers asking if they could make their own knife rack to support heavy duty, industrial kitchen knives. Julia from Surrey needed to support a knife with a maximum weight of 450 grams. Our technical experts recommended that Julia used our small, yet strong pot magnets to securely attract the knives to the kitchen wall.

Even small pot magnets are capable of supporting heavy weights, so for any applications that require clamping or securing, pot magnets are always an option that should be considered.


We are pleased that our Technical Team was able to recommend the right magnet for the application for Julia. We would like to thank Julia for letting us share her magnet application and for a sending a great photo. If you have a design in mind for a knife block or rack and would like advice regarding the best magnets to use contact our team today on 0845 519 4701.



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