Create engaging POS displays with Magnetic Hooks

POS (Point of Sale) signage and displays are a pivotal part of any retail space, providing an eye-catching visual to entice customers and attract interest. Often the most difficult part of this is finding a suitable fixing method for hanging material that allows the user to easily change and update, whilst knowing that the signage/display is held securely in place.


Our extensive range of POS and retail display magnets provide the perfect solution; allowing for convenience, style, ease of application and a secure hold. What’s more, our magnets provide a discreet fixing to ensure that the material being displayed has the maximum impact with a clean aesthetic.


And that is exactly why Alice at SFD decided to use our magnets for this wonderful and engaging retail space. SFD are a retail design company, who create engaging and imaginative visual merchandising spaces and store displays for many major retailers.


Alice is using our Hook Magnets, paired with gripple wiring which is attached to steel beams within the ceiling to suspend multiple foam board troughs filled with faux foliage throughout this retail space.




The result is an engaging and creative space which brings the outdoor department area to life, with the suspended foliage troughs giving an illusion of hanging freely in the air with the discreet fixing provided by the magnets, which are only visible under close inspection.



Our Neodymium hook magnets securely attract to the steel beams built within the ceiling frame, allowing for gripple wire to be easily attached. The ease of installation means the troughs can be updated and re-arranged in very little time, ensuring the space remains fresh and engaging.

At just 25mm diameter and just 36mm high with an astonishing 20kg of pull, these magnets provide a secure hold with a clean aesthetic making them ideal for discreetly hanging signage and display material.



• Easy installation with adaptable shape for updating signage/displays

• Secure hold through Neodymium magnetic material

• Coated with 3 layers of nickel, copper, nickel to reduce corrosion

• Discreet fixing point for a wide range of signage/displays

• Available in white, black and silver to suit any retail space

• Pull strengths from 4kg to 139kg




If you are looking to bring your POS and signage displays to life, with a clean aesthetic, easy installation and secure hold, our wide range of hook magnets provide endless possibilities. View our wide range of hook magnets here:


As well as our extensive range of hook magnets, we have magnetic fixing options to suit any form of signage, display and marketing material. Whether you are looking to suspend material or display in a sheer position, we have magnets for the job. If you require any further information or have a query regarding your own POS signage, feel free to contact one of our Experts today on 0845 519 4701 or email at


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