Create your own interactive magnetic advent calendar!

I think you can tell we are excited for Christmas this year! Our customers Jim and Kate have been getting ready for Christmas already. They have created a series of interactive magnetic advent calendars, a creative take on the chocolate advent calendars!

We are so happy that they shared this application with us, as we hope it inspires you as much as it does us to get creative this Christmas!

For this application, they purchased 1X FerroFlex® 620mm Wide Flexible Ferrous Sheet and multiple packs of our 6mm dia x 2mm thick N42 Neodymium Magnet. They advised they purchased various wooden Christmas ornaments, along with a variety of felt and decorative materials and some super glue.

Customers Christmas Ornaments

To make the ornaments magnetic they superglued the neodymium discs to the backs of the ornaments.

Next, they looked at creating a Christmas advent back drop. If you are looking to create this yourself, the design is up to your imagination, but if you’re looking for some inspiration check out the various designs they made…

As you can see, some were made to gradually dress up a Christmas tree, acting as a countdown to Christmas. The others were created with pockets on, to allow them to take out the magnetic ornaments and place on the Christmas scene to act as a countdown to Christmas!

But how what do the magnets attract to the calendar?

This is where our FerroFlex® sheet come’s into action. They simply stuck the sheet to their wall and placed a hook above the sheet. This meant they could hang each advent calendar in front of the FerroFlex® sheet. The magnets used on the Christmas ornaments are strong enough to attract through the fabric to attach to the FerroFlex® sheet.

Alternative option

If you don’t want to attach the FerroFlex® to your wall, then simply use our magnetic hooks to hang the advent calendar on your fridge. As you know, magnets will attract to fridges and will act like the FerroFlex® sheet.

There you have it, a fun activity to keep you bust over the Christmas period! Now it’s time to blast the Christmas tunes, or throw on your favourite Christmas movie and get creative! Enjoy! We would also like to take the time to thank Jim and Katie for sharing their application with us.

If you have ago at making your own magnetic advent calendar or have another Christmas application you would like to share with us please send in your pictures to

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