Creating a ferrous surface on your kitchen cupboards

In a modern-day kitchen, built in appliances are a very popular choice, allowing things such as your fridge and freezer to be hidden away behind cupboard doors. Whilst your kitchen looks visually pleasing, it takes away the option to be able to pin up reminders, drawings or photos to your fridges with magnets. As a result of this, our experts often get calls on how they can create a surface for them to able to use magnets on.

We recently heard from one of our customers who did just that. They purchased 1 x  FerroFlex®  A4 Flexible Ferrous Sheet. The sheet itself are not magnets but are perfect for creating an instant surface that magnets will attract to. The sheet also has a gloss white finish, which was perfect as this matched the customers cupboard door.
We do offer alternative options that come in chalkboard black & green too, click here.


1. Simply peel the backing off.

2. Next apply the sheet to your chosen surface and leave the adhesive to cure for 24-32 hours before using.

3. Then add as many magnets as you wish
and customise your new noticeboard. Just like our customer did here. ­

As you can see from the pictures our customer placed the FerroFlex® sheet on the inside of their cupboard but the product can be applied to any flat smooth surface. However, if your chosen surface is gloss finish or silk-based paints the adhesive will not glue securely. We would like to thank our customer for sharing their application with us. Are you currently working on a project or need some advice? Our team would love to hear from you! Contact our experts on 0845 519 4701 or email at  

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