Custom DIY Halloween Fridge Magnets

Make your fridge frightening this Halloween with DIY fridge magnets! Add ghosts, goblins, or ghouls to your fridge this Halloween using our flexible magnetic sheets, with a range of colours and sizes available you can create any decoration you desire in just three simple steps.

Get into the Halloween spirit and create your very own fridge magnets using Halloween Fridge Magnets Pack. It’s simply scary the number of fridge magnets you can create!


Step One

Select the scary designs you want to add to your fridge, then either draw or print templates.

Cut out your paper templates, ready to use on your magnetic sheets.


Step Two

Draw round or stick your template to the magnetic sheet, before cutting around the outline on your easy-to-cut magnetic sheet.

Top Tip – Try using a magnet to hold your template in place on your magnetic sheet.



Step Three

Finally, having created your custom fridge magnets place them on your fridge and give your family a fright!

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