Detachable Magnetic Light Cover

Sitting down to watch the latest rom-com or that super scary horror movie you’ve heard about can be some of the best times, but could you imagine having a bright white LED light right beneath your television screen, unfortunately, this was the exact situation our customer Dave found himself in.

Luckily for Dave, Sophie one of our brilliant Sales Executives was on hand to recommend the exact product to suit this customer’s needs, one of our MagFlex® A4 Flexible Magnetic Sheets.  

Our MagFlex® sheets come in a range of colours allowing Dave to choose our black sheet to cover the light, these flexible magnetic sheets provide a secure grip and can be attached and detached again and again with ease by selecting the black coloured sheet.

Additionally, our MagFlex® sheets can be easily cut using regular scissors, this allowed Dave to cut the sheet down to the exact size required to cover the small white LED light.


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