Display Magnets – Korbond

Using magnets in exhibitions or product displays is a very common use for magnets. Magnets provide display and industrial companies with the ability to easily suspend or support a variety of objects in place without the need to create permanent fixtures and fittings.

First4magnets.com were recently contacted by KORBOND Industries who required a small selection of magnets for their display stand at the craft, hobby and stitch international trade show.

KORBOND needed to securely fix a side panel to their point of sale main fixture. The side panel, constructed of light plastic needed to securely fix onto a metal framework. First4magnets were very pleased to recommend a 50mm diameter adhesive magnet to securely hold the panel in place. The adhesive created a tight bond between the magnet and the plastic side board and provided 3kg of pulling power when attracted to the steel fixture.


We were very pleased with the final result and would like to thank KORBOND for sharing their magnet application with us and for sending in some great photos.

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